Monday 2 December 2013

The #Steadfast #Tin #Soldier ~ #Book #Review

The Steadfast Tin Soldier
Told By Kathleen Olmstead
ISBN: 9781402783517
Price: £3.99
Publication Date: 5 Sep 2013
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books


As soon as I saw the cover of the book I smiled.
It's one of those stories you always remember from you childhood.
I don't know why but it always reminds me of Christmas.

As soon as you see the book you can tell how beautifully
illustrated it is.

It's one of those stories that both girls and boys will love.

There are sad parts but as with every fairy tale
there is always a happy ending.

The writing is beautifully clear and easy to read.
It's a perfect keep sake for any families bookshelf.

The story is abut a tin soldier that falls hopelessly in love with a ballerina.
It is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's classic story.
Boys will love the tin soldier and girls will love the
ballerina & the love story.
It's a touching story that brings life to the toys in the book.

I'm sure it will be a book will be reading over and over again.
Little Red has already asked for it 3 times this week :-).
It's a true classic.


I received a copy of the book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were received for this post.
This post contains Amazon affiliate links.


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