Tuesday 10 December 2013

#Spotlight Post ~ The #Lace #Knittery

Hello fellow fibre addicts my name is Debbie
 and I am the creator and designer behind The Lace Knittery.
I love colour and natural yarns and living in rural Somerset gives me a huge amount of inspiration. 
I started knitting, crocheting and sewing as a child and over the years I have added spinning, 
weaving and dyeing to my skills.

Newly dyed skeins of kid mohair 
I started The Lace Knittery because I wanted to bring the best materials 
and products to a wider audience but to make them at a reasonable price. 
I use only natural fibres because not only do we need to support our fibre producers 
but because they are the most wonderful yarns to work with and wear. 
I use mostly British breed wool, my favourite being Blue Faced Leicester and Shetland, 
Kid Mohair, which I have been in love with since seeing the goats at an agricultural show and silk. All of these yarns take dye very well and I use non-toxic acid dyes to make my unique colour ways. 
My patterns are worked out over many hours 
and combined with the yarns make a truly unique product.

 I find inspiration in many things from driftwood picked up at West Bay 
(fortunately not on a day when David Tennant was filming otherwise I may have been a bit distracted), pebbles from the Dordogne river to my chickens clucking away in the garden. 
These and many other sparks produce note books filled with ideas which are translated to patterns using graph paper (and lots of scribbling out, occasional swearing and lots of cups of tea!)…

…while sometimes it’s the colour that sparks my imagination , 
above is a yarn colour I devised after a trip to France 
where I spent time trapped in a traffic queue overlooking a field of lavender 
with misty blue hills in the background – it almost made trying to entertain two bored, 
tired, grumpy children worth it!
Since starting The Lace knittery I have gone from strength to strength 
and over half of my orders are from outside the U.K.
 Which has enabled me to continue adding to the range.

From skeins of yarn…

…to completed garments and…

…finishing touches.
I love working on commission from dyeing batches of yarn 
for your own special projects to finished products. 
It inspires me all over again to think of people all around the world having the opportunity to use 
(and hopefully love) natural yarns in all their glory.
If you would like to explore further you can find me at my 
Etsy shop: thelaceknittery 
or e-mail me with any questions, queries or requests at: thelaceknittery@outlook.com.
Wishing all your fibre dreams come true,
Debbie x 

Thank you ever so much Debbie!
I love your shawl it's so delicate & beautiful.
Your yarn looks fantastic, I love the colours.
I hope you'll join me in thanking Debbie
and visit her wonderful shop!


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