Saturday 14 December 2013

#Guest #Blogger Week 94 Beloved by Stella

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Stella

My mother taught me to #knit when I was 5 years old and I enjoyed making things for my dolls. 
As time passed, I got into #dressmaking and much later, #crochet.
 I enjoy everything about #designing and creating #clothes. 
My adult life has been in electronics, 
and when the company I was working for closed down in the summer of this year, 
I decided to turn my hobby into my full time work 
after receiving compliments about some of the holiday clothes that I had crocheted for myself.

       My Etsy shop Belovedbystella opened in June of this year. 
The name of the shop came about by accident. 
The photographs for the first items in the shop were taken when my husband 
and I were on holiday in a hotel called The Beloved, 
and they were in a folder on my computer called Beloved Stella. 
A friend who was helping me set up the shop thought 
that the folder title was what I wanted to call the shop, and so Belovedbystella was created!

       Everything in the shop is handmade by me to my own design. I get inspiration from all over the place. If I see something pretty that has been crocheted or knitted, I take that as a basic idea and adapt it to my own taste. I rarely use a pattern; just keep everything in my head, making notes as I go along.

       My  favourite items are not in my shop - they are a couple of dress that I crocheted for myself. 
They are not in the shop because the time it took to make them 
would mean that the selling price would be very high, 
and ensuring a perfect fit for someone else would be very difficult. I like everything in my shop, 
because they were all made from the heart.

      In my spare time (when I have some) I like gardening. 
We grow nearly all of our own vegetables and fruit. I also like holidays!

      I think that I am too inexperienced to give anyone advice, 
except perhaps to enjoy what you are doing, and to keep trying. 

Thank you ever so much Stella.
I love your clothing, it looks so delicate and beautiful.
I hope you'll all join me in thanking Stella
and check out her shop!


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