Wednesday 23 November 2016

Transfer Embellish Stitch ~ C&T Publishing ~ Book Review

by Jen Fox & Sarah Case

ISBN: 9781617455049
Publisher: C&T Publishing
Publication Date: 03 October 2016
RRP: £19.99

Available Direct from Search Press.


Wow this book is full of ideas
that I had never thought of using
whilst I am quilting.

You will be amazed how much you can
embellish and how effective it can be.

Not only will this book take you through
step-by-step  how to create the embellishments.
It will also give you loads of amazing projects
to use these skills on.

The instructions are really clear
and easy to understand and follow.
There are pictures throughout and
they really help you to follow the processes.

The Projects are:
Intersect Linen Cowl
Sundial Statement Necklace
True North Tote
Traveler's Top
Wanderlust Gathered Skirt
Orbit Wall Art
Axial Tilt Room Divider
Cardinal Direction Chair
Sundial Pillow
Pot Holder and Oven Mitt
Eclipse Quilt
Helix Garland
Equinox Greetings Cards
Trajectory Mobile
Eclipse Coaster Set
Orbit Canvas Basket


It's an amazing mix of projects.
They would make brilliant gifts for family
and friends.


Available Direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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Tuesday 22 November 2016

Euphoria Tapestry Eco Tote ~ C&T Publishing ~ Product Review

ISBN: 9781617452949
Publisher: C&T Publishing
Publication Date: 06 October 2016
RRP: £7.99

Available direct from Search Press.


Fantastic Colours,
Fantastic Design
and ideal for my stash.

This tote can carry all your crafting goodies.
It's big sturdy and waterproof.

This beautiful bag is made from recycled 
plastic bottles.
It means it's waterproof and sturdy.
You will be amazed how much you can
pack into it.

The thing I love is I know I can put
my quilt in it whilst I have to tidy it away
and I know it's safe and will be kept
clean and dry.

I don't have a craft or sewing room
so this bag is ideal for me.
I put all my current projects in it
and I can take them with me wherever I go.

The bag is a really big and holds so much.
I also love the shape as it's wide as well as deep.

Featuring the Pomegranate and Acanthus pillow 
by award-winning applique quilter Deborah Kemball.

It's a beautiful design that stands out
and you'll easily be able to find it.

Available direct from Search Press.


I received this product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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Monday 21 November 2016

Fantastic Stash Quilts ~ C&T Publishing ~ Book Review

by Joyce Dean Gieszler

ISBN: 9781617453380
Publisher: C&T Publishing
Publication Date: 03 October 2016
RRP: £15.99

Available direct from Search Press.


I love the way this book
gives you two options for each quilt.
You can either use scarps or yardage
to create some amazing quilts.

I love Joyce's designs, they are so refreshing.
There are 8 different projects in the book
and all of them are made the two ways.

Joyce takes you through making
each of the quilts, describing 
how to make each block and then
to make each quilt.
There are diagrams to help you to
complete each of the projects.

I love the fact that she also
includes different quilt tops
that you can sew.
The designs are beautiful and add
to each of the designs.

With each of the designs you are provided
with an outline of the design
so that you can colour it and create
you own design.

I love the striking designs that use
simple processes to create
the most amazing quilts.

I love this book.
It gives you so many option
and makes it so that you can
choose whether you want to use
your scraps or use yardage.

This is one book that I want
to make most of the quilts withing
the book.
I am so excited by the designs.

Available direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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Friday 18 November 2016

I've Made Friday Week 205

Good Morning everyone!

Wow what a week.
I super excited about all the presents
I have bought everyone for Christmas.
The older I get the more and more
I enjoy giving over receiving.
Don't get me wrong I still love receiving
gifts but most of the love and happiness
is in giving.

I have so many surprises for people
that I can't wait for Christmas day.
Red Monster has a Harry Potter
set of PJ's 
and a shorts and t-shirt of Manchester United.
He has some lovely snuggly slippers
to match.
These are the parcel that Santa accidentally
drops on his way past on Christmas Eve
(that way he looks smart on Christmas morning).
He has a nurf gun as his main present,
it's huge!!!
He also has a game for his x-box as well
as the sherlock holmes boardgame.
He also has the next Young Sherlock Holmes
book in the series.
He has other bits and pieces.

For the first time ever my mum and dad
are coming to our house for dinner.
My mum has cooked Christmas Dinner every
year for the last 43 years.
She is super excited about not having
to make it.

Our Santa's late deliveries are all purchased.
After dinner when the day quietens down
Santa knocks on the door and leaves a parcel.
It says on the box, sorry I forgot to give you these.
Inside anyone who is in the house gets a present.
The presents have to be silly or game things
so everyone has fun.
It's my 2nd time of purchasing the gifts.
It's very exciting because my mum has been
doing it since my Grandad died so it's nice
for her to get a surprise.

Our new visitor has gotten her feet under the table.
She thinks she is in charge!
She tried running in the opposite direction
on the walk, just to see if she could get away
with it, she didn't, I put her
on her lead.
Then she decided she couldn't be bothered
being brushed anymore but I still got her.
She has started barking at the postman as well.
The fantastic thing is she is so well behaved
apart from those instances, she is brilliant with
kids and she loves sitting on your knee.
It's very strange as the nearest Benji gets is
sat on your knee.

I was too ill to go to the doctors this week
so I am going to have to wait another couple
of weeks to be able to sort my medication out.
They release appointments everyday so
I'll keep trying to get one sooner.

I am started counselling in about 2 months time.
The doctor wants me to as I am dealing with
so much health wise.
I am not sure as Crochet is my therapy
and I use it a lot more than pain killers.
I will give it a go as I am open to anything
that helps.
I admit I have been very disappointed that
I'm not able to come off my medication.
I wanted to go all natural and come off
all the medication with the horrible
side effects but I have to be realistic
and take the ones that increase the amount
of sleep I get and reduce the pain I am in.
It's funny I can't remember what it's like to
not be in pain.
It's just my everyday now. It's always there.
I don't feel sorry for myself as I have coping
strategies that help and I am lucky
not to need to take pain medication constantly.

This might sound really stupid but I feel
blessed for the life I have!
I wasn't at all well this week so I curled up
on the couch with a blanket and let the world
go on with me spending time to heal.
I know there are thousands if not millions of people
out there that don't have that option.
I have a wonderful friend who took
Red Monster to school and the dogs kept me company.
My wonderful husband does the cooking and the shopping
so I don't have to worry about things.
I am very lucky.
I am also lucky in the fact that my illness won't kill me.
This means that hopefully in my lifetime they will
find a cure.
There is already a hope out there and I am already
sending out emails to see how I get on the trail.

I do have one make this week but I am afraid
that it isn't crochet related.
The lady whose dog I am looking after had a birthday.
I couldn't resist making her a birthday card.

It's not brilliant but I think I am getting
a little better each time.
I am learning to do each stage and wait for it
to dry before rushing on with the next stage.
I hope I will get better.
Especially after I get my new 
Xcut Xpress Die Cutting Machine.
My mum is also getting me some dies
for my Christmas Present.

The thing I love about this new machine
is the fact that you can cut fabric.
This means I will be able to cut felt and
fabric for projects as well.
It's so exciting.
I have so many ideas in my head
that I want to make.

I hope your week is going well!

fast2mark Essential Circle Tool from Piece O' Cake Designs ~ C & T Publishing ~ Product Review

ISBN: 9781617452185
Publisher: C & T Publishing
Publication Date: 13 June 2016
RRP: £16.99

Available direct from Search Press.

I was so excited to receive this tool.
I am new to quilting and love the craft
but sometimes I want to run before I can walk.
With this tool it doesn't matter as it makes
quilting with curves and circles
so much easier.

You can easily choose the size of the curve
or circle you want.
It's easy to see and easy to mark.
There is a small gap within each size
so that you can easily mark the fabric
with either chalk, washable pen etc.

The tool is so easy to use!
It's just a case of placing it on the fabric
and marking it.

When using curves within the quilt it's so easy
to cut both sides of the curve.
It can be quite complicated with the different shapes,
however with this tool it just makes it so simple.

It's a quite flexible and easy to place.
With the gaps it's easy to use to mark
your fabric.

Available direct from Search Press.

I received this product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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Thursday 17 November 2016

Clearview Triangle Super 60° Acrylic Ruler ~ C & T Publishing ~ Product Review

ISBN: 9781617452963
Publisher: C & T Publishing
Publication Date: 13 June 2016
RRP: £19.99

Available direct from Search Press.

I love C & T Publishing quilting products.
You know when you buy something off them
that it's going to be fantastic quality.
Yet again it's the same with the clearview triangle.

They make quilting so much more fun
and quick and easy.
There is no messing with paper templates
or marking up with chalk.
It's a case of placing the triangle on your
material and cutting.

The triangle is clear so you can easily
see what you are cutting and with
all the measurements being marked
it's easy for you to follow and use.

 Make faster cuts for 60° degree designs 
that include 120° triangles and diamonds 7 by using the Super 60. 
This specialty ruler cuts 30°, 60°, 
and 120° degree angles.

Has both .5 and .75 cm seam allowance markings.

It's just so easy to use and to make
a beautiful quilt.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.
It's easy to use, cut and mark off measurements.

Available direct from Search Press.

I received this product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.