Saturday 7 December 2013

#Guest #Blogger Week 93 ~ #Lavender & #Beeswax

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Sabina


Why I am selling lavender sachets

Lavender sachet in organza bag, hand-made, hand-decorated (large size) - gift or present

Lots of lavender grows in my garden and every year I harvest, 
dry it and put it into lavender sachets and have it throughout my house. 
So one day my friend asked me if I can sell her some as she looks for a present. 
She also asked me why I am not selling it in general. 
This is how the idea was born. 
I googled and found Etsy and immediately liked the platform. 
It has a great variety and knowing it is all hand-made makes it very unique. 
This is also when I started looking into ideas how I can package it and what makes lavender special. 

Large organic lavender sachet in muslin bag, hand-made - Christmas gift, stocking filler

What I enjoy the most?
Drying them in the house was a calming, 
soothing time and I enjoyed the meditative way to get the buds from the lavender stems. 
And then filling them in organza and muslin bags. 
The best of all, was the decorating process.
 I use stamps (in lavender colour, of course), 
ribbons to decorate or use flowers to close the sachets. 

Organic lavender sachet in muslin bag, hand-made decorated (medium size) - gift or present

Adding a tag to the sachets that describes the process is a certainty and gives it a personal touch. 
Plus I give examples how to use the lavender sachets - 
you will be amazed in how many ways you can use lavender and what it is good for.
The new range is being created right now and uploaded to my shop: 

Lavender sachet (medium) in muslin bag, organic lavender, all hand-made

Thank you ever so much Sabina.
I love lavender and I love how you have made the sachets look so beautiful.
I hope you will join me in thanking Sabina and check out her shop.

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