Friday, 20 January 2017

I've Made Friday Week 208

How is your week going?

Not much has happened since Wednesday.
I haven't finished my blanket or shawl
so I am afraid I only have some simple
thank you cards to show you this week.

I am trying to hone my skills and once I am more confident
with them I will start making slightly more
difficult designs.

I won't ever get as good as my mum but Crochet is my main
love anyway.
I mum has put everything into card making at the moment.
She is fantastic at it and makes the most amazing cards.
One lady has even decided to redecorate her living room
to match the card my mum made and to keep the card in it all the time.

I think I may make myself a cowl next.
I was given some amazingly beautiful yarn a few
years ago but I just couldn't decide to make 
with it.
It is just so beautiful that I don't want to waste it.
I want something special.
I am not sure if I am going to follow someone else's
design or design one myself.
I'm hoping to start it in the next few days. 

I hope you are having a good week
and are looking forward to the weekend.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What You Doing Wednesday Week 209

How is your week going?

Things have been quite quiet here.
Red Monster is being bullied in school again
so we are trying to get that sorted.
We are trying to teach him not to react
but it's difficult.

We have been taking some muddy walks
this week.
There is soo much mud!
We could do with a bit of sunshine but it
seems to be hiding at the moment.

My shawl is coming along nicely!
 #Araucania #Ranco # yarn.

I can't believe how much of my blanket I have made.
 Solid Granny Square Blanket
using the blanket pack from Wool Warehouse.
The pack is called
"Little Tin Bird Bright Rainbow Pack"
#Stylecraft Special DK

I have also been making a few simple
thank you cards.
I will have some pictures of the finished cards
for you on Friday.

I hope you are all having a good week!

Monday, 16 January 2017

Jens Petcare

I have to tell you about the wonderful service that 
Jen offers in our area.

The reason I know Jen is every morning
we see Jen and her husband Alan
walking two dogs.
Benji loves her and her treats and the first
thing he does when he gets on the park
is go and look for her.

She offers so many services:
Dog Walking
Home Boarding
Small Animal Boarding/Care
Cat Sitting
Puppy Visits

The brilliant thing is she has such a love of pets
that you know your pet will be treated as
one of the family.

We have seen a huge difference in the dogs they walk
in the morning.
They were both quite stressed when they first came
out and now they are so confident and relaxed.
They both look so happy on their walk now.
I have seen the wonderful difference Jen can
make to a dogs life by taking them out.

The brilliant thing about her home boarding
is whilst you are on holiday your dog is having a holiday.
The dog instantly becomes one of the family and lives
in their home just like they would when they are home.
It is so much more fun for your dog and takes the stress
out of you going on holiday.

Having a pet is a fantastic addition to any family
but sometimes with work and family commitments
it just isn't possible to give your pet the attention it needs.
This is where Jen can step in.
She can take your dog out for a walk everyday
or whilst you have a puppy or injured animal Jen can come and visit it in the day.
This way you know your pet isn't on it's own all day whilst
you are at work.

You can check out Jen's Petcare at:

I love following her on Instagram
as you get to see all the wonderful
animals she looks after.
I have a smile everyday looking at all
the wonderful pictures she posts.

Rest In Peace Auntie Dolly

Auntie Dolly

This weekend we had some awful news.
The best Auntie you could possibly wish for
passed away.

I wasn't sure I was going to put anything on here
but I want people to know just how special she was.

My Auntie Dolly was my mums older sister and there
was eighteen years between them.
She was 81 years old when she passed away.
You can't tell from the picture that she was that old
and to be honest I think she was the most young
at heart person I have ever known.

My Auntie Dolly was always there if you needed a hand.
She would be always helping at parties and you
often found her cleaning dishes at the sink.

She was always the greatest fun at the party!
Red Monster had a pirate party when he was about six.
Auntie Dolly and the rest of my mums relatives
got dressed up with the rest of us.
We all wore pirate hats and eye patches
and went off round the house with a treasure map.
Auntie Dolly was such good fun and nothing stopped her.
She was up on the trampoline jumping about with
the kids.
She was often first on the dance floor at a party
and when it came to the kids games
she was first sat on the floor.

My mum is one of nine so as you can imagine
there are a lot of nieces and nephews
as well as all their children.
Auntie Dolly never forgot one of them and would
spend the whole year buying Christmas presents.
She didn't have much money but she always made
sure she got something for everyone.

She loved knitting and would make toys etc.
for so many people.
When Red Monster was born she made him a little
footballer and made it in blue (her husband and children
are Everton supporters).
When she heard that D was a Manchester United supporter
she made him a red one as well.

She would knit things for the premature babies
at her local hospital.
There are so many babies out there that were kept
warm with something my Auntie had made them.

Auntie Dolly will be sorely missed.
She was a rock and the glue of the family.
I was so lucky to have her as my Auntie!

Friday, 13 January 2017

I've Made Friday Week 207

Wow what a week this has been.
It seems to have gone by so fast!
Red Monster is back at school and seems
to be really enjoying it.
Evenings seem to be taken up with homework
and play.

The weather has been all over the place.
Today we woke up to a smattering of snow
and some really horrible icy winds.

So to make the day a little better
I have a fire going and I am going to spend
the day crafting.

I did manage a very short walk but my
chest is complaining now.

There weren't many people on the park
today as many people had decided to stay inside.

I am getting on with my blanket
but it's going to take a couple of months
for me to finish that one.
The same with my shawl.
I am a very slow knitter.

Now Christmas has been and gone
I can show you the tea cozies I made for my mum.

I made two cozies for her.
One for her normal sized pot
and one for her one cup pot.

I really enjoyed making them and luckily
my mum loved them.

I am going to make some thank you cards today.
Ryan wants to give them to all the relatives
that kindly gave him some amazing presents.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What You Doing Wednesday Week 208

Wow 2017!

The start of the year has been slightly delayed.
I caught this horrible chest infection that
everyone seems to be going down with.
This meant an out of hours visit from the Dr
and being placed straight on antibiotics & steroids.
If there had been beds at the hospital I would of
been in hospital as well but there weren't any
so I got to stay at home.
I had the highest temperature I have ever had in my life
and my oxygen levels went down to 93%.
It wasn't nice but luckily I am on the road to recovery.

I didn't make any new years resolutions this year.
I decided to just go with the flow.
This year is going to be big enough as it is.
Later on in the year we are going to South Africa.
I haven't been back since I left when I was five.
We are going to Cape Town first to visit my
mother-in-law in her holiday home over there.
Then it's over to Cape Town to visit my relatives.
We are soo excited and nervous.
It's weird I was born in South Africa and at the same
time my husband and his family moved out there.
They came back about the same time we did as well.

There are other things changing but I can't tell
you about them yet.
Once I have the all clear I will spill the beans.
It's very exciting.

Red Monster is in his final year at junior school.
He is waiting to find out which High School he will
be going to.
We find out the end of March.
He is nervous and excited about the next stage
in his life coming.

Christmas was fantastic.
It was so family orientated but relaxing as well.
On Christmas day my mum and dad came to our house
for dinner.
This was the first time my mum hadn't cooked in
over 40 years.
She loved being able to enjoy the day rather than
rushing round and getting everything cooked etc.
Then they took Red Monster with them
and went to visit my brother and his family.
Red Monster stayed at theirs and then we picked
him up the next day before going and visiting
his Nana and husband for lunch.

As I have been ill I have been resting a lot
and spending the time making.

I am making a Solid Granny Square Blanket
using the blanket pack from Wool Warehouse
The pack is called
"Little Tin Bird Bright Rainbow Pack"
#Stylecraft Special DK

Aren't the colours beautiful!

I have also started knitted the
It's a nice relaxing knit.

Whilst doing all this relaxing I have been
watching some boxsets.
I have watched Lewis series 1-7 so far.
A Place to Call Home.

I have just started to be able to go out
for a short walk again.
Not far but it gets the dogs out.
It wasn't a very nice day and the weather
seems to be getting worse and worse everyday.
It looks like we might have snow tomorrow.
Red Monster is super excited.

Anyway I better go and get Red Monster
out of his bed and ready for school.
I will post again on Friday and show
you the Tea Cozies I crocheted for my mum.

I hope you are all well and I look forward
to sharing you more patterns and reviews
with you this year.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Night Voyage ~ Watson-Guptill Publications ~ Book Review

by Daria Song

ISBN: 9780399579042
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications
Publication Date: November 2016
RRP: £9.99

Available Direct from GMC.

A story in itself.

I have never seen a colouring book like this.
It's amazing.
From the first point of opening the book
you know it's something different.
It really is special.

The book starts with a short story
about a little girls whose parents
have to be away for her birthday.
They have left her with a mountain of presents.
She decides that if she distributes them
to all the boys and girls of the world
then she might make some new friends.
The question is how will she do this.....??

This book takes the story and takes you
on a journey with the girl, her presents
and her pet cat.
You get to take the journey with them and
to colour it in to make it even more of
a special journey.
Once you have finished colouring it in you
get to keep this special story book.
It might not have words but the pictures
tell you the journey.


The pictures really are beautiful!
This is just so special.
It would make the perfect gift
for any age.
As soon as my father saw it he was even
taken with it and he doesn't even really
like colouring.

This is one colouring book
you'll really want to treasure.

 Available Direct from GMC.

I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.