Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner ~ Search Press ~ Book Review

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner
Carole Massey

ISBN: 9781782214557
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: 15 December 2017
RRP: £12.99

Available direct from Search Press.


Drawing is something I have always previously
been scared of.
I can't picture things in my head so I think this
hinders me slightly.
However I have decided to combat my fear
and to start learning.
It's amazing coming back to drawing as an adult.

I thought this book would be a fantastic place to start.
It takes you through each step so that you can
see how to easily break things down and replicate it. 

Carole takes you through such small and easy
steps that you don't realise how quickly you
are changing the way you draw and making it
so much easier.


Throughout the book there are clear instructions
and clear pictures to help you achieve everything.

I am finding that the more I practice each step the easier
I find the next step in the process.

Carole breaks everything down into small steps
so that you can easily progress.

It takes each part of drawing and breaks it down
so that it is easy to understand.

The book is designed for using pencils but I used
the same principles to draw on my tablet
and it worked really well.

You start the book off with the basics.
With everything from choosing your pencils, sharpening your pencil to how best to hold your pencil.

You are taken through step by step
on how to draw different types of lines,
shapes etc.
Then it's onto how to shade etc.

You will not believe how quickly you are
drawing different items.

I did struggle at times to exactly replicate some
of the pictures.  However I do feel that 
as I progress through the book this
will become easier.

If you are wanting to learn
all the different basics of drawing then 
this book is really worth it.

Available direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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Beagles and Needles

Hi everyone

I just wanted you to a new blog:

The blog is run by my good friend

The blog is by Bethany and Harvey
her beautiful beagle.

Her blog is going to be a fantastic blog to follow.
She is going to be sharing all about Harvey,
her crafting - knitting, crochet etc.
as well as reviewing different products and books.

I hope you will check out her blog
and enjoy following what her and Harvey
get up to.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Stunning Stitches ~ Martingale ~ Book Review

by Jen Lucas

ISBN: 978-1604688238
Publisher: Martingale
Publication Date: May 23, 2017
Photographer: Brent Kane
RRP: $24.99

Available direct from Martingale.


This book is a fantastic addition to 
any knitters library.
Jen uses 7 sets of stitch designs
and uses them to create different garments.
This means you can make beautiful projects
that match and can be worn together.
It also means that you can enjoy the stitch patterns
for longer and make multitude of items.


I personally find this idea wonderful.
I often feel just as I am getting used to a design
the project is finished.
This way I can enjoy it for much longer and make
even more beautiful items that match.

Each of the patterns are broken down into sections:
Skill Level & Size etc.
Instructions (this gives you the general instructions of the
pattern i.e. set-up row)
Written instructions for the chart

The patterns vary in difficulty from easy to experienced.

There are so many beautiful designs in this book.
It would make a fantastic gift for anyone you know
who likes to knit.

I love how she has used some lace designs in full
on a shawl and then added it to the edge of a cowl.
Each of the items can be made individually
or you can make the set.

The projects would make beautiful gifts for
family and friends.

Amazing designs that I am sure you'll want to knit.

Available direct from Martingale.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Art of tatting Jewelry ~ GMC ~ Book Review

by Lyn Morton

ISBN: 9781784942496
Publisher: GMC Publications
Publication Date: 7 Feb. 2017
RRP: £14.99

Available direct from GMC.


This book is designed for shuttle tatters 
who want to make some amazing designs of jewellery.
All of the designs use diagrams as well as written patterns.
Each design is broken down into smaller parts
and then added together.
The templates show you all the different options
that put together the different jewellery.

This book is designed for people who can already tat
and the instructions are for using a shuttle.
You could use the instructions using other methods
if you wish.

Some of the designs are also shown in different
colours so you can see what a different effect
it causes.

There are some amazing and beautiful designs in this book.

Available direct from GMC.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.

Freeform Crochet ~ Search Press ~ Book Review

with Confidence
by Carol Meldrum

ISBN: 9781782212676
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: 19 January 2017
RRP: £10.99

Available direct from Search Press.


I love to crochet but have always been scared
of freeform crochet.
This book is here to give you and me the confidence
to be able to not only follow patterns
of freeform but to also create your own.
Freeform take the rules away and lets
you create with individual styles and techniques.

Carol takes you through step-by-step so even
if you haven't crocheted before you can give it a go.
There are clear instructions with pictures to make
it easier to follow.

The start of the book is taken up with the instructions
of the different stitches.
Then it's straight into the patterns.

The patterns vary in difficulty and show you how
you can do something as easy as changing colours
at random through a project or use different designs
to create unique styles. 

The patterns are varied and give you a fantastic
overview of what you can create. 
The projects are all fun and use an amazing array of colours.
The patterns are all in written format 
and are easy to follow.
The writing is a bit small for me for the patterns


I love how Carol gives you support within each pattern
to make it easier. The little hints about how
to put the projects together etc. make them easier to complete.

The patterns are split into sections:
Patchwork & Squares
Circles & Spirals
Organic Patterns
Openwork & Lace
Trims, Edgings & Fillers

Within these sections are the following patterns:
Fingerless Gloves
Striped Headband
Table Mat
Cup Cosy
Striped Square Scarf
Patchwork Cushion
Nautical Flag Bag
Shopper Bag
Wavy Beanie Hat
Spiral Bag
Infinity Scarf
Cosy Slippers
Layered Brooch
Notebook Slip Cover
Camouflage Phone Case
Neck Warmer
Organic Scarf
Button Bracelet
Necklace Collar
Lace Motif Wrap
Embroidery Hoop
Mason Jar Cover
Granny Chic Top
Mix & Match Cardigan
Floral Filler Shawl
Freeform Trim
Loopy Edging Scarf
Floral Trim Mittens
Layered Lace Hat
Edging Garment

This book really does offer great value for money.
It teaches the techniques you need to create your
own freeform as well as providing you with
and amazing array of projects to make.

 Available direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.