Tuesday 3 December 2013

#Spotlight ~ Rowenberry #Stiches & The Purple #Skein

Hi im Diane from Rowenberrystitches and The Purple Skein , two shops I run on Etsy. 
Let me first tell you how I chose my shop names, 
I have a lovely Rowan tree in my front garden which the birds love to sit in 
and I love to watch them , hence that name, 
as for The Purple Skein, i love purple 
and not only does the word skein mean a ball of yarn , 
but it also means a flock of geese in flight, 
another of the things I love to see....and so two shops were named. 
I had already started a Facebook page and here I list far more items that I have on my shops, 
but i needed a place where my wares could be bought directly 
without the need to email me first, 
I had heard of Etsy 
and while joining in a crochet-a-long one of the girls mentioned she had 2 shops on there, 
a light bulb moment for me, 
this is what i needed , this is what i needed, my own online shop.
I like to combine two or three yarns together to make an Cowl/scarflette, 

that way, there will only be one,or possibly two of them, 
none of the mass produced stuff you see in the high street shops, 
so most of my cowls, scarflettes and crochet necklaces  

will be one off affordable pieces. The same goes for my Jewellery,  

Shawl pins, Journal covers, and Keepsake Gift tags

 only one of each piece, in that particular colourway. 
I hope that you like some of what i make and will visit my shop 
or pop over to my Facebook page and say hello, 
my thanks to Sue for letting me ramble ... xx Diane 

Diane thank you ever so much!
I am so jealous! You have so much talent and much imagination!
I hope you'll join in me in thanking Diane and visit all her sites:


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