Monday 16 December 2013

Figgi Yarns ~ Chic Cotton Yarn ~ Cotton with a difference

As you know lately I have been lucky
enough to be working with Xena Knits

Logo Xenas Knitting Supplies

I have been lucky enough to be working
with Figgi Yarn Chic #Cotton #Yarn.

Mulberry Chic Cotton Yarn

Now normally when you think of 100% #Cotton #yarns
you quite often think of yarn that is quite
tough and not soft to the touch.
That is where #Chic differs.
It's a beautiful silky yarn that is very soft to the touch.
It's beautiful for making baby items with
and fantastic for making garments for adults and children alike.

Chic cotton video review

I was very surprised when I used the yarn
as it felt so beautiful and was easy to crochet up.
It didn't catch with being silky smooth and the variations
of thickness give it a luxurious feel and texture. 

It has a beautiful drape that would be fantastic
for both winter and summer clothing.
It's warm in the winter, yet cool in the summer.

Stone Heart Chic Cotton

With a close up shot you get to see the silky smoothness of the fibres.
You would be forgiven for thinking it had silk mixed into it.

I used a 5 mm (H) #hook to #crochet my items
and it worked up quite like a Dk (8ply) yarn.

Henna Goddess Chic Cotton yarn

The colours are diverse enough to give you a good
pallet to work with and are a good mix that work together.

Marshmallow Flirt Chic Cotton

I have loved this yarn so much that I'll be working with it more in the future.
If there is a pattern that you think would look good
or you would really like designed for it let me know.

Misty Blue Chic Cotton Yarn

Another thing I love about the chic yarn is the fact the balls
are 130g of yarn.
This means you get Approx 255 yds / 234 metres in 130 gram / 4.58oz hank.
This means that quite a lot of projects can be made from 
1 ball of yarn.

Natural Chic Cotton Yarn

The fantastic thing about Xena Knits
is they ship worldwide.
That means if you want to make something 
from one of the patterns you are designing
no matter where you are in the world.

Misty Blue Chic Cotton

I am working in conjunction with Xena Knits
to bring you a range of patterns to suit the yarn.
However all the opinions expressed are my own
and I am not being paid to promote their yarns.


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