Friday, 24 March 2017

I've Made Friday Week 210

Hi everyone.

Wow what a week.
I ended up back at the doctors
as my IBS hadn't been behaving and
the medication wasn't working.

The weather was awful but then it brightened
up nicely.

I didn't finish making much this week.
Time just seems to be flying by.
I can't believe it's spring already.
I do hope we get a nice summer this year.

Red Monster has been busy with science experiments.


This is an experiment to show what collagen feels 
and looks like.
You put the egg in vinegar and leave it.
The acid takes away everything except the collagen 
and the egg shell that is left is soft and bouncy.

We couldn't resist the magic crystal tree.
We also looked up how and why it is created.
The salt crystals are dissolved in the ammonia.
It soaks up the cardboard tree shape
and as ammonia drys quickly the crystals form
at the edges. As each one forms another grows on top.
With the shape of the cardboard the tree shape appears. 

This is the little gift I created for Red Monster.
Everything fits into the tin and there
are two sky scenes for day and night.
He loves playing with his Charmander and
the little things he has.
It's so easy to pack away and take with you

I made the figure and bits out of fimo clay.
I then made the bed, bottom and skys out of felt.
I added the glow in the dark star and moon from
a set Red Monster had.

I think it turned out quite well
and Red Monster loves it.

I had my hair dyed and restyled this week.


A bit of difference.
It won't stay looking like that as I am not very
good at styling my own hair.
It feels a lot lighter and cooler which will be nice
if the weather ever heats up.

Apart from that I haven't any real news.
I hope to be back soon.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

What You Doing Wednesday Week 210

How is your week going?

I did actually write this post last night
but the blogger app on my phone wouldn't work.
In the end even though I had saved it,
it lost it!

The weather is awful here today.

The water breaking up is through all
the rain lashing down onto it.
We should be grateful, places near us have
snow and/or hail.

I'm afraid I haven't made much this week.
I have started a course on Craftsy.

I am doing the:

I have only just started so don't think 
you'll see anything spectacular.
The other thing is these drawings are done 
not looking at the paper.
You have to look at the item you are drawing 
and move your hand
to what you see but not look at your paper.

Can you at least tell what I was drawing?
A Pear
I don't think it was too bad as I wasn't looking
at what I was drawing.
I also feel I must have got the general shape
as a few of them are very similar.
I'm afraid I am not going to show the others I did
as they were awful.
As soon as you put a straight line in the drawing
my left is always a lot shorter than my right side.

I have been making Red Monster a little something.
I had a tin that I had given him with a little bear
in a bed in.
He never really played with it so I decided to make
him something that he might play with more.

I made him a Pokemon Charmander.
It has a piece of meat and bone to eat,
a bowl to put it in, a ball and a poke-ball.
I am making it a bed as well.
I can't wait to show it to you on Friday.

Anyway I better go and get something done.
I hope you are all well and crafting along :-)

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Friday, 17 March 2017

I've Made Friday Week 209

Hi everyone.
Yes I'm back, well for the moment anyway.

Life has been quite exciting since I last posted.
Hubby has a new job after over 20 years in the same firm!
He doesn't start his new job till nearer the end of April.
It's going to be a huge change but it really is exciting.

Red Monster got into the High School he wanted to.
It's local to us so he will be able to go to school with his friends.

I am another new medication. I think I have tried
another four since I last posted.
Some had really awful side effects.
The latest one seems okay but I am just waiting
to see if it has any effect on my condition.

We are planning on a holiday to South Africa.
It isn't for a while yet but I am already getting nervous.
We are going to Cape Town first for just over two weeks.
Then we are going to Durban to visit my family for five days.
Hubbies mum has a house in Cape Town so we will
be staying with her.
It's the first time I will have been back to South Africa
since I left when I was five years old.

Unfortunately Benji has a number of lumps.
He isn't in pain at the moment so we are just going
to leave them.
If they grow bigger, cause him problems or are
painful we will make a decision.

He is enjoying his visits from his friend Poppy.

Red Monster has been crafting a lot lately. 

I've been making things as well:


I am also still making a simple granny square blanket.

I hope you are well.
Let me know what you are making.
I will hopefully be posting more.
Just depends on what life throws at me :-)

Monday, 23 January 2017

Olsson Haircare - Product Review

& Conditioner Spray
For Normal/Dry Hair

As you know I suffer from a number of conditions.
One of them is asthma.
Resulting in this I try to not use any perfumed products.
Parfum can aggravate asthmatics 
and set off an asthma attack.
Now I have struggled to find good products that don't
contain parfum.
However there is now a brilliant product available
that doesn't contact any fragrances or colours.
It is allergy sensitive and recommended for asthmatics.

It is packed full of natural ingredients to help
both your hair and your scalp.
It contains vitamin E which gives life to dull and limp hair.
It also contains Aloe Vera that soothes the scalp.

Now I must admit I was a bit dubious when I first
read the claims but I was very pleasantly surprised.
As soon as you squeeze the shampoo onto your hand
you can tell it's different from normal shampoo's.
The liquid is clear, smooth and doesn't smell.
There is a small smell of Aloe Vera but apart
from that there isn't that horrible overpowering false smell.
As soon as you massage the shampoo onto your head
you are covered in super soft tiny bubbles.
I cannot express how soft they are.
Your hair feels so clean and soft even before you put
the conditioner on it.

The conditioner is almost like a moisturizer.
It's a similar colour to moisturizer and smells
similar to the shampoo.
It isn't too greasy like some other conditioners
so although your hair feels soft and untangled
it doesn't feel greasy.

The shampoo and conditioner work well together.
They get your hair clean, soft and untangled.
Your hair smells clean afterwards but doesn't smell
of any perfume.
You scalp doesn't feel dry or greasy either.

Here is my hair before:

And here is my hair after using the
Olsson Products:

I am in love with the stay in conditioner.
I have very dry hair which goes flyaway very easily.
Just a quick spray of the stay in conditioner
and my hair looks silky smooth again.
I can honestly say I will be buying these products
from now on.
They are so kind and gentle on your hair and skin.

The brilliant thing is they don't just
have conditioner and shampoo, they have
other hair products that are available.

Check out the website and other social media links:

I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.