Saturday, 21 December 2013

Guest Blogger Week 96 ~ The One & Only Emi

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Emily

Tell us a bit about you:
I have been knitting and crocheting for longer than I can remember, and I love to make all sorts of things--the more complicated, the better! 

How did you decide on the name for your shop? 
I wanted to chose a name that I would still like in the future, so I went with “The One and Only Emi.” I figured that no matter how much I change as a person, I will always be me!

How long has your shop been open and why did you start? 
I opened my Esty shop in August 2011. I started because I was making way more things than I could keep, and realized that selling things I made was a great way to fund my knitting habit.

What is your favourite pattern in your shop at the moment? 
I am really proud of my narwhal hat at the moment. I came up with the pattern last year, and was surprised with how well the first few came out. I am still perfecting the pattern, as always--I usually tweak a pattern a little bit every time I use it--and when I’m satisfied, I’ll probably sell the pattern as well as finished hats.

What made you start crocheting?
Both of my grandmothers were knitters and crocheters, so I would watch them make things all the time. When I was about 5, my grandma showed me how to braid, and that was the first step.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere. If I want to make something and can’t find a pattern, I come up with something of my own. With sweaters and scarves especially, if I see something I like in a store, I try to make it instead of buying it. 

Narwhal hat

You can find Emily at:

 I hope you will all join me in thanking Emily!
My son loves your little dragon pattern.
It's on my to do list for the new year :-).
I hope you'll all check out Emily's sites!

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