Thursday 14 April 2016

One Skein Baby Crochet ~ Leisure Arts ~ Book Review

Sharon Silverman

ISBN: 978-1464742989
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2016
RRP:  $7.99

Available direct from Leisure Arts.


This is a book that will make you smile.
It's packed full of fun and useful patterns
to make for baby.

Whether you are making them for your own baby
or as a gift you are sure to find numerous
things you want to make.

You have everything from bibs
and washcloths to toys.

With nine projects to make
this book offers great value for money.

I love the fact that all of the projects
take the maximum of one skein to make.
They are also very quick makes so
it's something you can crochet up quickly.

Sharon has used colour and texture
to make each of the projects fun and interesting.
My favorite has to be the block.
I think it's so fun to make and 
I am sure any baby will have fun with.

All of the projects are unisex so you
don't have to worry if it's a girl or a boy.

The patterns are all in written format
and are really easy to follow.
Most of the patterns are at an easy
level so most levels of crocheters
would be able to make them.

With so many projects to
make you are sure to find something
you want to make;

  1. Easy Bib, 
  2. Booties for Cuties, 
  3. Bouncy Block, 
  4. Bubble Hat, 
  5. Pretzel Rattle, 
  6. Pullover Bib, 
  7. Ribbed Vest, 
  8. Snow Bear Lovey, 
  9. and Sunshine Washcloth
I really enjoyed this book
and will be making the projects
for a long time to come.

Available direct from Leisure Arts.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.

Amazing! ~ Magazine ~ Product Review & Giveaway

Okay I am super excited about this magazine.
Having a nine year old son that loves
to learn but doesn't love school,
it was ideal!

The brilliant thing about the Amazing magazine
is it takes all the things that kids need to learn
and disguises them so children don't even
realise how much they are learning.

They run competitions, give you great fun
how to's and makes.
They have recipes for you to try as well as 
word searches and other fun things to have a go at.

Each part of the magazine is split into fun sections
that are even more fun once you look at them.
There is everything from health & careers to languages.

Every subject is presented with fun and interesting
pictures and facts all over the place as well as funny
little anecdotes. 

The magazines each have a running theme
that is the basis for that issue.
I received Ancient Romans Special
& Human Body Special.

The magazines are designed for children that are 7+
and covers so many different subjects.
Foreign Languages
Personal Development
and a whole lot more.

The magazines are 36 pages long
and will keep children amused for hours.

Red Monster loved flicking through
the magazines and then every so often
he picks it up again and reads it in more detail.

We had great fun laughing at the jokes and
spotting all the silent letters.

Red Monsters absolute favorite item
within the magazine was how to cook
bogie bites.
He is super excited about making some
for his friends!
They really do look disgusting but taste delicious.

The magazine has worked very hard
to be great fun as well as educational.
They really have thought about what gets
children excited about things.
At £49 for 12 issues I think it's fantastic
value for money.
There is so much packed in!
Not only that if you don't want to subscribe
to a hard copy of the magazine
you can also subscribe on 
iTunes, GooglePlay & Kindle Stores
for £23.99 for the full year!

The brilliant thing is I am giving away
a copy of the magazine
to ten UK winners.
Yes that means ten of you can win!

If you don't want to wait 
or you want to subscribe for the full year
you as readers of my blog
can have 10% off!
Use the code;

I really can't recommend this magazine enough.
Red Monster loves them and is so excited
about them.
We've laughed and enjoyed them together
as well as him going off and reading
it himself.
Some of it is slightly difficult for him
to read, due to his dyslexia,
but he just asks me to read that bit
and he's off again.

Red Monster prefers the hardcopy of the magazine,
especially with the different puzzles to complete.
However if your child prefers to read
on their tablet etc. then you don't miss out
and it's brilliant to have the choice.

Check out their other issues:

I received the magazine to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Tumbling Towers ~ Nim Nik ~ Product Review


My son loves this game!
He loves the fact that Nim Nik
have taken a game that everyone knows
and loves and made it even better!

You can play the game in so many different ways
and it keeps it more fun and exciting.

We started off by just playing the standard game,
then we moved onto rolling the dice and trying
to remove the number on the dice.
This was a bit more tricky and we had such a laugh.

Each of the blocks are made out of a
very good quality hardwood.
This makes them more durable and are less
likely to get damaged.

In the box you get 54 hardwood blocks
as well as four dice.

We played the game where you throw
two dice and then use the numbers to
choose which one you remove.
If you rolled 5 and then a 4
they have to remove block 54.
You can play it where they have a choice
if they rolled a 5 and 4 they can choose;
5, 4, 54 or 45.

The game is brilliant for all ages
and is great for adults at a party.
We've been playing it as a family and having
so much fun.

My son has also been using the blocks
to build walls and forts so the blocks
are always in use.

Overall a fantastic game that's added
a whole new twist to an already
loved game!


I received this product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.

What You Doing Wednesday Week 193

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope your week is going well!

I am sorry I haven't been around.
I got sent into hospital again!
Due to the size of my gallstone it
keeps blocking up my gallbladder
and it gets infected.
Each time I get sent to the hospital.
Spend numerous days there on antibiotics
and sent home.
Due to the fact it's my gallbladder that
gets infected I have to have intravenous
medication first before putting me on
tablet form.
It is looking like I might be in and out of
hospital every three weeks
and I'm usually in for five days.
Once it's removed I'll be fine but I am
waiting for an appointment with my surgeon
to arrange the removal and then I'll
be placed on the waiting list.
I am hoping as I am costing them a lot of
money they might put me quite high on the list.


What I looked like when I went into hospital and
what I looked like once released.


They now inject you so that you don't get blood
clots. The only problem is I don't clot enough
really anyway.
I think next time I'll refuse.
I didn't even do anything to get these bruises.
Red Monster touched my hand with the tip
of his fingers and I was left with a bruise.

Due to my wonderful visits to hospital and the
lack of sleep whilst you are there,
my cfs and fibro are really being nasty to me.
Yesterday was the first day I had actually
switched my computer on since before
I was taken in.
It's amazing how a bit of pain and fatigue
can reduce your concentration.
I have been trying to do little snippets
on Instagram so you can keep up on
what I'm doing.

I have actually been busy making.
I have found it quite relaxing to switched
off and just focus on something repetitive.

I am working on this blanket but I'm not sure.
It's not turning out how I expected and I don't
like how some of the rows are finished or started.
I'm going to make a decision on it in the next few days.

I am super excited as my wool has arrived
from the wool warehouse.
It's all the colours I will be using in this
It's called "Dance on the Beach"
this CAL was designed by the late Marinke Slump 
( aka : Wink) from 
and was the final design she was working on 
at the time of her passing. 
In accordance with the wishes of Marinke’s family, 
12 of her online friends and bloggers 
have completed her unfinished design 
to present this beautiful 
and sensitive CAL in Marinke’s memory 
and as a tribute to her work.

What could be more special!
Will you be joining in?
The CAL begins on the 20th April.

I am so proud of the WIP.
This is my first ever knitted hat
and the first time I have ever knitted cables.
I can't thank Craftsy enough
for their course;
One-Skein Accessories; Chevron Collection.

I am also cross-stitching a sheep.
I was very disappointed with this kit.
None of the colours matched the picture
or design so I had to raid my own stash.

Red Monster and I have been working on
our writing skills.
He is coming along so well and hopefully
with more practice he will improve
even more!
I am trying to learn calligraphy so it's
a good journey for us both to be on.
I have said if Red Monster can learn
to hold his pen lighter and write then
I will buy him his own fountain pen.
He is very excited about this prospect!

Benji is such a big part of my life.
He curls up with me when I can't do anything.
I take him out for a short walk when I can
and overall we just keep each other company.
It has been nice.

Now it's your turn to share what you are doing.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.
Please add the pin to your post & check out a couple
of other people that are sharing their work 
Crochet Addict UK What You Doing Wednesday

Crochet Addict UK What You Doing Wednesday

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