Monday 31 March 2014

Adorn Your Space ~ eBook Review

Adorn Your Space
Available in eBook format from

As a crocheted I love to add crochet to things to decorate my house.
This book gives you a fantastic selection for you
to add that little something around your house.


There are 22 projects made with Bedspread Weight Thread or Sport Weight Thread/Yarn.
You can use different colours to make different impacts on each of your projects.

It's amazing how the look of something can be transformed by
adding a bit of crochet.

This book is designed to give you projects to "zing" your house
and your decor.

The books takes traditional methods and makes them
up to date and modern.
If you want to update the look of your decor then why
not spice it up with a bit of crochet.
It's a fairly inexpensive way to make your look extra special.
With clear instructions and patterns to follow you'll soon be 
decorating around your house.

Available in eBook format from

I received a copy of the eBook is review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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Sunday 30 March 2014

Crocheted Eggs Thread Crochet ~ ePattern Review

Crochet Egg Patterns Thread Crochet
Available in ePattern format from

Easter is fast approaching and what better way to decorate you house
than with crochet and eggs.

At the time this post was written the ePattern book only cost $2.99.
With 12 designs that's less than 25c per pattern!!!

The patterns are in written format and are clear and easy to understand.
The patterns use everything from front and back post stitches,
single crochet to popcorn stitches.

I would say the patterns aren't for beginners but with so many varied designs
I am sure that most people will find something they can make.

I love the use of the coloured eggs underneath the beautiful
thread crochet.

They are a fantastic idea for Easter and can brighten up any house.
I'm sure they would look fantastic in one colour theme
to accent your decor.

I was received a copy of the ePattern to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.

Saturday 29 March 2014

Guest Blogger Week 109 ~ The Patch Work Pearl

I would like to welcome
Linda Pearl

Packing for a quilt retreat - Pack with a Purpose or Wing it? 
I didn't attend sleep away camp as a child, or live in a dorm in college - 
so the concept of a sleep away quilt event was something 
I was completely unfamiliar with when I went to my first weekend several years ago.  
It was not fancy, but it was a wonderful entry into the comraderie, the silliness (?) 
that is part and parcel with the quilt retreat weekend.  
I submit exhibit A - the 'trophy' that was blinged up 
and presented to someone for something or other at one of the first retreats 
I ever went on with my guild.  Each successive retreat, something is added to it -  
A crown, a sash - and it becomes a game to see which 
unknowing person winds up with it next.

I'm probably tempting fate to publish this a week before we leave. 
Keep a good thought. 
Just this morning, I got the latest in several emails about next weekend - what to pack, 
what not to forget. 
Then I received a phone call from a friend on the way to her springtime getaway.  
She packed this morning and headed out - resting assured that she has most of what she needs 
(power cord comes to my mind, ask me how I know) 
and that whatever she forgets, someone most likely has.  
It's amazing how many almost complete quilt shops can be found at a retreat in someone's bags.  
We have the sewing equipment down to a science, 
but sometimes, it's the very basics that you forget about.   
I have two different prescriptions for my disposable contact lenses. 
 They are the first thing to go into the my luggage for the weekend - 
I've had one weekend with mis-matched prescriptions and I will never have another. 

There have been years when I have brought literally every UFO I could find, 
some years when I came at the last minute and grabbed whatever was handy.  
Some years, I got alot done, some years, not so much. 
One year I slept because I badly needed to. 
This year, I have taken a more objective viewpoint to what I'm taking...

I have the luxury of having a travel machine that I take with me to each retreat - on Sunday, 
I'll actually take it out and make sure I have everything - power cords, feet, book, 
the attachable light that hooks onto it.  Wow, I'm living large here - 
avoiding the mid-morning en-route panic that sets in...yes, 
the foot pedal  must be in the bag...where else would it be? 

I have found that piecing works best for me at these kinds of events...I machine quilt  
(badly, but I keep trying) on a large bed machine that I do not take with me for these weekends. 
 That narrows the possible projects down.  
I have several deadline pieces (when don't I is the question?)...
and one of them might come with me -but all I have to do is finish the binding, so that won't last long. 
 Paper piecing is difficult for me because I find that I do way too much moving between the machine, 
the iron and the cutting station when I'm at that project probably won't be useful for this. 

I could bring with me any number of the half finished projects (charity, bags, baby) that are stacked up 
and waiting for work - or I could (wait for it!) 
pull something out of the Bucket List quilt folder to work on.  

Three and a half days of glorious, uninterrupted time to play.  
The possibilities are endless - as long as I can make  decision and a plan.   
My friends who get the most creatively accomplished on weekends such as this pre-cut and pre-package their materials to a degree that I just don't seem to have the genetic capacity to do. 
Did I mention that the Lake Shore series was born at a retreat? 
That was my classic box o' fabric weekend, 
when I threw everything into a plastic tub amd took it with me for the weekend.  
Maybe I should go with what's working for me. 
Stay tuned.

Linda Pearl
The Patchwork Pearl

Please visit my websites:

Find me on these channels:

Thank you ever so much Linda
I hope you'll all join me in thanking Linda
& I hope you'll check out her sites
and her fantastic work!

Friday 28 March 2014

I've Made Friday Week 103

I hope you've all had a good week & are looking forward to the weekend!

I'll catch up with you next week with what has been happening with my spinning etc.
Hubby is off work so I'm spending some time with him.

I did have some fun makes at the start of the week.

 I decided to make my threading hook a bit better and a bit easier not to loose.
I decided to use polymer clay and make a sheep.
I'm super pleased with him.
I'm thinking of making a couple more :-)

My mum also lent me some of her molds so I made some polymer clay buttons.
I don't know what I will use them on yet.
I might design a corsage to put them on.

I'm afraid I haven't finished my rabbit yet but I'll hopefully have him finished for next week.

I hope you are all having a good week!

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Crochet Addict UK I've Made Friday

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Country Egg Collection ~ eBook Review

Country Egg Collection 
Available in ePattern format from

At the time of writing this post the ePattern cost $2.99.
Which I think is a really reasonable price.

This ePattern talk you through the different designs
and how to achieve them.
Just using an egg, bows and paint you can get each of these designs.
It includes the shapes for a sheep, goose & heart shape.
If you want some ideas of how to decorate your eggs then
this is a good book to give you all the information
you need to make the above.

I was supplied with a copy of the ePattern to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
and no monies were exchanged.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Thursday Handmade Love Week 100

Good morning everyone!

This weeks theme is:.............................

Well I couldn't resist with it being my birthday week ;-)

Etsy Finds:
Felt Birthday Cake (2 Tier) --- PDF PATTERN ---                   with stand, candles & cake topper  --- INSTANT pdf Download --- Knitting Pattern for Cupcakes / Fairy Cakes - Knitted Cakes, Play Food, Toy Food Springtime Soft Pastel Rainbow Cake Slice - Polymer Clay Miniature Food - Pendant / Necklace
Felt Food Folded Felt Cake, Set Eco friendly childrens pretend play food for toy kitchen. Home Felt Decor Decoration Ornaments Play for Kids Strawberry Shortcake Paper Cake Slice in REDS favor baking party box printables - Editable Text Printable PDF Birthday Cake with ruffles INSTANT DOWNLOAD - machine embroidery applique designs, file - 4x4 and 5x7
Happy Happy  Birthday Cake Dog Hat / Made To Order Rainbow Cake Necklace - Food Jewelry Play Felt food pattern-Lovely sweet cake set(Muti-Layer chocolate pie,strawberry pie,Tiramisu,Macaroons)--PDF Pattern--F28

Etsy Crochet Patterns:
CROCHET PATTERN Strawberry Sweet Cakes (Permission to sell finished items) Instant Download Cake Crochet Pattern Crochet Food Pattern PDF Instant Download Butter Cream Chocolate Cake (whole and sliced) 
Cake Crochet Patterns Strawberry Chocolate Cake - Toy Food - Kawaii - Play Kitchen - Cupcakes Cupcake Decoration - CROCHET PATTERN No.84 Instant Download - PDF Crochet Pattern - Strawberry Cake (Available in English and Swedish)
Crochet Pattern - Build A Cake PATTERN SALE Crochet Tea Cakes Petite Fours Raspberry Caramel Treasure Cake PDF Crochet Pattern
Rainbow Cup Cake Set With Serving Plate Crochet Pattern Play Food Crochet Pattern - Birthday Cake - finished items made from pattern may be sold Crochet Mini Wedding Cakes...PDF Pattern
Cupcake Applique - PDF Crochet Pattern - Instant Download - Embellishment Accessories Decor Ornament Scrapbooking Motif Amigurumi Cupcake Crochet Pattern Digital Download Crochet Pattern for Amigurumi Food: Crochet Cupcake with Strawberry, PDF Instant Download

Ravelry Crochet Patterns for Sale:
Imag1870_medium Fancy_cakes_and_tarts_025_small2 Piece_of_cake_2_yellow_edited_small2
Pink_layer_cake1_small2 Img_9616_cuadrada_small2 Slice_of_cake_small2

Ravelry Free Crochet Patterns:
893-2_medium Crochetbdaycake_small2 Lw2466_small2
Lanukas_cumpleblog1_small2 Crochet_rainbow_cake_3-1_small2 Ccw-minicakegb-blog1_small2
20130616_142002_small2 6238132742_3c638b34ee_n Cupcake_small
Dsc03114_small2 3394538202_21049c36bc_n 1541057533_cd23748a6b_n
Tutorial_267_small2 Sdc11955_rund_small2 127555152_4aebd256a9

Now it's your turn.
Feel free to link anything handmade.
It doesn't have to follow the theme.
Please add the button to your post.
We want the handmade love to spread.

Crochet Addict UK Thursday Handmade Love
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