Monday 25 April 2011

Newsboy hat in grey

Newsboy cap - very easy pattern and looks good on men, women, children.  I just altered which hook size I used depending on who I was making it for.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Newspaper boy cap

Just finished my newsboy cap. Will post the details tomorrow for where you can find the pattern.

Newsboy Cap Pattern

Found this pattern that is available for free.
I'm sending for the pattern for my son!


Spent yesterday evening on the internet looking at free patterns on the ravelry website. Would really recommend taking a look.
My son wants me to make him a hat today.

Friday 22 April 2011

Flapper hat

Decided to wear my hat

Flapper Hat

This mornings hat finished. Really nice n really easy pattern from - would really recommend this pattern!

Morning, new project to start today

Well it's a lovely morning this morning so I'm going to start a new project. I've got a flapper hat pattern from the website
Fingers crossed it turns out well!
Hope you all have a good day!

Thursday 21 April 2011


My son really wanted me to make him this dog.  I got the pattern from "Ami Ami dogs: Seriously cute crochet" by Mitsuki Hoshi.  I have altered the pattern as my son wanted his dog to be standing.


I got the pattern from "100 Flowers to knit & crochet" by Lesley Stanfield

I really like this book but you do need to be aware that it is knitting and crocheting.  I can only crochet so am unable to do the knitting designs.  There are some beautiful flowers to make in here.  I have so many ideas of the things I want to put the flowers on.  Since making this rose I have put it on a brooch pin and wear it all the time.


I will find the website that I got this pattern off and post.  I really like these booties as they aren't too tradional.  I wanted something that was a bit more modern.  Really enjoyed making these!

Ladybird finger puppet

Another finger puppet from "Crocheted Finger Puppets" by Gina Alton. I'm really not goot at the sewing part.  I'm going to have to practise a bit more!

Baby set

I'll need to find out which websites I got the patterns from but bellow are the items I have made for my friends baby.  Once I know the sex I think I put some other things on them to brighten them up.  If it's a boy I'll just put blue buttons on but if it's a girl I might put some crochet flowers on as well as the pink buttons.  I may make a matching headband as well as some are really cute.

Shark finger puppet

I bought the book "Crocheted Finger Puppets" by Gina Alton.  This is a fantastic book with some really great ideas for finger puppets.  The patterns and instructions are easy to follow.  The shark doesn't look quite as good as hers but my son still likes playing with it.

First try at a pair of booties

I found these very difficult to make!

I'm not going to post the website I got the pattern these from as I found it very difficult to follow.  I thought it might just be me but others on the site had tried 8 or 9 times to try and get the pattern right.  I really liked the look of these so I was very disappointed when the pattern was so hard to follow.  Think sometime in the future I might try and make an easier pattern up myself and post it on here.

Baby cardigan

My friend is having a baby :-)

I decided that I would make something for her new baby.  I will have to let you know which website I got the pattern from.  I did alter it slightly as I kept getting a bit confused with some of the pattern - not the patterns fault just using stitches I'd never done before and couldn't get my head around them at first.

I have left the buttons off for the time being as I want to wait to find out which sex the baby is and put the corresponding coloured buttons on.

Cardigan with hotdog buttons

Whilst I was looking on ebay for the buttons for the first cardigan I was making my son Ryan saw these hotdog buttons.  He got really excited so being a pushover I bought them for him.  I decided to make up the design for this cardigan myself.  Don't think I did too bad a job.  Since I finished it the weather has been really warm so my son hasn't put it on but I think it looks good.

Bag to put my crochet stuff in

Well as I am making so much I decided I should make a bag to carry my crochet stuff in.  I am becoming more confident now so have decided to make this without any pattern.  I used a basic basket weave stitch.   I ran out of the cream wool so decided the bag might look good with a contrasting colour on anyway.  I am really glad I ran out of the wool cause I think it looks really good in the 2 colours. 

Ladybird outfit

My sons school decided to have a "bug" day.  Each of the children had to come to school dressed as a bug.  I decided to use my new crochet skills and make a lady bird outfit for him.  I bought a black pair of trousers and a cheap black t-shirt.  I made up the pattern for the wings as I made them.  I followed a pattern from my "Funky Chunky" book and made up the pattern for the rest of the ladybird head.  I think for my first go it didn't turn out too bad.

Cardigan for my 4 yr old son

My son decided he wanted me to make him a cardigan.  I found this pattern on it's called "Funtime Child Cardigan". I made some slight alterations to the pattern as I was making it but it turned out really well.  It's the very first pattern that I had followed.  I did buy "crochet for dummies" first as this pattern was an american pattern and I wanted to make sure I used the correct stiches.

Teddy bear

I was just getting used to crochet so wasn't very confident reading patterns. I learnt how to make this teddy by watching step by step instructions by video on utube. I would highly recommend using you tube - art of crochet by Teresa. Please remember that english stiches are called something different to the american stitches.

First bag

The first bag I made.
The pattern came from the book "Funky Chunky" by Jan Eaton
I would recommend this book for someone new starting out. Basic patterns for a hat, slippers, mittens, scarf and bag. It then shows you how to personlise them. Step by step instructions that are easier to follow.


Hi Everyone,

Well it's my first time writing a blog, yes I'm a newbie!

I only started Crocheting about 2 months ago and it's already taken over my life!

I will post pictures of the things I make, book reviews & reviews of websites and patterns that I use. 

I am going to start posting the projects I have already finished so I hope you like them.