Tuesday 10 December 2013

#Popcorn-Pattern #Pillows #Crochet ePatterns ~ #Book #Review

eBook available from LeisureArts.com

I am planning on decorating my house with more crochet.
I make a lot of hats etc. but I've not made many items
for my house.
I want to have things around the house that just
add that bit more to the design and feel.
When I saw these patterns I loved
the texture of them.
The pattern is in written terms and charts for the popcorn designs.
It's a fantastic way to bring a bit of comfort into you house.
They would look fantastic in any colour.
I can't wait to start making them after Christmas.

eBook available from LeisureArts.com
I purchased a copy of the ePattern myself
and all opinions expressed are my own.
However affiliate links are included in the post.


  1. They look so delicate and beautiful!!!!
    These crochet pillows will give a beautiful touch to your home, I'm sure of it :)
    Thank you for the link :)

    1. Thanks! Just need to figure in some time to be able to make them :-). I've got a samurai hat, pixie dress and hat, blanket & cardigan to finish\start first.


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