Monday 2 December 2013

#Shimmer & #Shine #Scarf/#Shawl ~ #Free #Crochet #Pattern

Shimmer & Shine Scarf/Shawl

The pattern is in US terms
Items required
6mm (J) Hook
Pink Orient Fancy Yarn (or colour of choice) available worldwide at Xena Knits
Wool needle
If you have any problems please email me at: or at
Approximate Yardage
HK – hook                                                                        CH – chain                          SK - Skip              
SC –                      Single crochet                                  DC –       Double Crochet
 ** - repeat    () in the same stitch
Not Required – this is a very fluid pattern so gauge doesn’t matter. Alter you hook size if you the width is too far out.
Approximate Size
Length – 70” (128 cm) Width – 9” (23cm)
Approximate Yardage
284 yards

6mm (J) hook & Pink Orient Fancy yarn
Ch 33 (If you want a deeper shawl add 21 ch’s)
Row 1)       1 sc in the 9th ch from hk, ch 3, sk 2 ch, * 2 dc, ch 3, skip 2 ch, 1 sc in next ch, ch 3, skip 2 ch* reapeat x 3 (6 for shawl), 1 dc in last ch (32)
Row 2)      Ch 1, 1 sc in dc, 1 sc in ch 3 loop, ch 3, 1 sc in nxt ch 3 loop, *1 sc in each of the nxt 2 dc, 1 sc in ch 3 loop, ch 3, 1 sc in next ch 3 loop* repeat x 3 (6 for shawl), 1 sc in top of turning ch, turn (27)
 Row 3)      Ch 6, (counts as 1 dc + ch 3), skip 2 sc, 1 sc in ch3 loop, ch 3, skip 1 sc, *1 dc in each of the next 2 sc, ch 3, 1 sc in ch 3 loop, ch 3, skip sc * repeat x 3 (6 for shawl), 1 dc in last sc, turn (36)

Repeat rows 2 & 3 till it measures 70” (178 cm)    

Patterns are just for your own personal use. Do not distribute the pattern without permission.  You may sell the items you make but please give credit to me for the pattern.
If there are any problems with the pattern or you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.                                                         ©Crochet Addict UK 2013 


  1. So simple yet so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your talent with us the less endowed... hehe ! 8-)

  2. What a pretty scarf - and great tutorial. Thanks for sharing, your new follower, Darlene

  3. Sometimes simple is best. This is very pretty. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing!!! Looks so delicate, I love it:)

  5. Great pattern, really pretty scarf! Would love if you would link up to our month long search for the best crafts, tutorials, free patterns and recipes!

  6. That scarf is just lovely! My grandma used to crochet, but it is something I never learned. Thank you so much for sharing at This Momma's Meandering Monday! Have a great week!


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