Monday 9 September 2013

Wow Snot the Zombie came on holiday with us

Little Red couldn't go on holiday without 
Snot the Zombie

Little Red loved taking him round to show him everything
 They went exploring in the woods
 Little Red checked the map to check they were going the right way.
 Checking out the outdoor part of the swimming pool
 Off to the Centre to post a postcard to Granny & Grandad
And checking out the lake.

Little Red & Snot had such fun.
Little Red loved putting the alarm on so when someone
knocked into him or went too close
it would start sounding off
and moving!
The shocks and smiles were fantastic!
Everywhere we've taken Snot this summer he has been a hit.
Everyone loves him and everyone is surprised by him.
He is fun and interesting which is perfect for any 
journey, trip or day out.


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