Tuesday 10 September 2013

Pom-Bear Potato Snacks

I was lucky enough to be sent some packets of Pom-Bear Potato Snacks
for me and Little Red to review.

These are tasty snacks that you can give to your children without
having to worry about whether it's good for them or not.

Each 19g bag contains:
97 calories with is 5% of a child's guideline daily amount
Sugars 0.2g 0.2%
Fat 5.4g 8%
Saturates 0.6g 3%
Salt 0.3g 8%

The snack is Gluten Free, has no artificial colours or preservatives.
They are cooked using sunflower oil which is lower in saturated fat.
They are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are made
in a nut-free factory.

Each crisp is shaped like a teddy bear
which kids love.

They taste good and I've even been sneaking packs
whilst little red is at school :-)

Not only do they come in Original flavour (ready salted) 
they also come in:
Pom-Bear Zoo Really Cheesy Flavour
Pom-Bear Cheese & Onion
Pom-Bear Salt & Vinegar
Pom-Bear Pawn Cocktail
Pom-Bear Smoky Bacon

With a fantastic amount of flavours
these are a healthier option 
for your kids to snack on.

Little Red loves crisps
but I always used to worry about the amount 
of fat and salt he was eating.
Now I don't need to worry.
He enjoys them and is still able to eat his favorite snack.


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