Tuesday 17 September 2013

Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

We have been lucky enough to be sent a 
Both me and my husband snore.
Mine is due to my health issues 
so we thought we'd give it a try with hubby.

The first night he tried it on his right hand
but it turns out he sleeps on that hand so he took it off.
The next night he tried it on his left hand 
and it was a success.
Well we think it was a success because he didn't wake 
me up snoring.

Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring uses tried and tested 
principles of acupressure to help you to stop snoring.  
It applies light pressure on not one, but two specific points on your little finger.  
The Good Night Anti-Snoring ring comes complete with a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee, 
so you can try it out for yourself with absolutely no risk!

This is the most natural, 
non invasive way of to stop/reduce snoring and to get a great nights sleep for you and your partner. 
It ensues you awake fresh, invigorated and ready to face the challenges of the next day.

You can't crumble at a promise like that.
We were lucky and it worked first night but if you do
purchase one it can take up to 5 nights to work.
You put the ring on half an hour before bed.
The ring comes in multiple sizes so you can get the best fit for you.

I was very skeptical but it worked.
What have you got to lose if you get your money back 
if it doesn't work.

Stop Snoring Ring

Check out their website to find out more.


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