Friday 13 September 2013

I've Made Friday Week 76

I hope you are all having a good week.

Things are starting to get back to normal
now Little Red is back at school.

I had problems with my medication
so I've been back to the doctors and I've
got some new medication to deal
with the side effects of my current medication.
I've arranged that I can start doing most of my consultations
by phone. That way I don't have to go in and catch more infections.
I wanted a nebuliser for when I catch a lung infection 
but they won't prescribe me one.
Fingers crossed I don't get that bad again but if I do 
I will have to go to A&E again.

Little Red is getting more independent.
I don't want to put him in danger so we are finding ways
where he can still be safe but do things for himself.
At school I walk him to the gate and he goes into the school property
on his own.
I watch him from the fence but it means that he can feel a little more independent.
If the ice cream van arrives at the park
I am watching him but letting him go and buy his own ice cream.
They are only little steps but he is proud to be doing things
himself and not having me with him.

Now onto what I've made this week.
I haven't finished Theo the Teddy Bear yet so you'll have to 
wait till next week.

I have however finished one of my angels:
I bought the pattern on Ravelry
I stuffed it with stuffing but put lavender in the middle so it smells beautiful.
I enjoyed the pattern but got a bit confused in a few places.
There are diagrams so it's easy to figure out.
I was disappointed there weren't instructions or pictures for the hair.
I think overall it's a good pattern and I'm enjoying making them.

I finished my snake bookmark:
Doesn't he look fantastic!
You can make them in so many colours and they look so fun.
The pattern is really easy to follow
and the pictures show exactly what you need to do.
The shaping makes the knot easier and 
I think it works really well.
The face is so effective and I love the way the bookmark was put together.
Ekaterina has some amazing patterns:
Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Cat Siam toy with wire frame PDF file (instant download) by Pertseva (Dragon eyes) Amigurumi Crochet  and Knitting Pattern - Christmas Tree New Year pattern (Instant Download) by Zabelina Snake Beauty Knitting Pattern PDF Amigurumi. New Year 2013 present, decoration, Christmas (Instant Download)
Cat heart ValentinCat.  Amigurumi Crochet Pattern. PDF file Valintine's day (instant download) by Pertseva Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Moose toy with wire frame PDF file Christmas pattern (instant download) by Pertseva Buffy The Dog Crochet Pattern PDF file (instant download). Amigurumi toy by Svetlana Pertseva
You can find Ekaterina at:
Etsy     Facebook     Blog     Ravelry     Craftsy     Twitter
I have already bought a couple more patterns:
Monkey Bookmark - Amigurumi Crochet Pattern PDF file  (Instant download)  by Zabelina  Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - Pencil Bookmark PDF file (Instant download) by Zabelina

  I received this pattern free to review.
All views expressed are my own.    

I finished reading:

My Merlin Awakening
by Priya Ardis
I really enjoyed this book.
I prefered book 1 but can't wait to read book 3.
The mix of  Arthurian and Greek mythology is fantastic.
I love the way they make everything sound so feasible.
It's such fun reading about all the myths you've grown up with.
The main characters Ryan, Merlin (Matt) & Vane
have a fantastic mix of personalities and interactions.
It's an exciting book that has a good mix of love, loss & fight to save the world.
I would give this book 4.5 out of 5

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  1. Your snake looks great! I'm still working on doilies:

  2. the angel is soooo cute!!! Lovely!!!

  3. That angel is lovely and the snake is adorable.


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