Sunday 22 September 2013

Guest Blogger Week 82 Adel KayAdel

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Adel


My name is Adel Kay 
and I started designing knitting and crochet patterns in 2010
 after gaining a First-Class BA (Hons) Business Management Degree 
at Leeds Metropolitan University. 

Juliet_chunky_hot_water_bottle_cover_with_border_small2  Elmer_phone_and_pencil_case_holders_small2

Since I started designing, 
my ideas have developed in to a range of knitting and crochet patterns. 
You will find all my patterns for sale 

Jocasta_shawlette_without_label_small2 Almha_tea_cosy_small2

on this website using the 'Buy Patterns from me!' link above 
or using the 'Shop with me Other Ways' link 
where you will find links to my 
RavelryStore, Etsy Store and eBay and Amazon Kindle Store.  
My patterns are growing in popularity 
where buyers are now returning to me with requests for more patterns. 

Orla_flower_and_hearts_hat_small2 Moray_throw_small2

Earlier this year in July 2013 I recently published a book 
of knitting patterns for children who are learning to knit 
entitled:  Knitting - (12 Terrific Knitting Projects For You to Try!) 
available via my website for £10.99 plus postage.

Milly_sheep_toy_small2 Dee_campanula_hat_small2

Heulwen_four_halloween_patterns_small2 Dana_lace_headband_2_small2

Thank you ever so much Adel
I love your work, especially your sheep, I just wish I could knit :-)
Please check out their sites and shop as well!


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