Saturday 28 September 2013

Sweet & Simple Baby Crochet by Kristi Simpson

Have you seen the new fantastic book
by Kristi Simpson?

Sweet and Simple Baby Crochet paperback book by Kristi Simpson

It's well worth checking out!

The book offers a mix of whimsical
fun designs and practical cute patterns.
It has beautiful hats, socks & clothes that are ideal for any baby.
The book offers patterns for both beginners and intermediates.
So all bases are covered.
Here is a list of the 35 patterns available in the book:
  1. Chevron Hat & Diaper Cover Set (Intermediate)
  2. Mossy Baby Pod  (Beginner)
  3. Anabella Tie-On Top (Intermediate)
  4. Zigzag Beanie (Intermediate)
  5. Sock It To Me! Baby Socks (Intermediate)
  6. Ruffle Skirt & Leg Warmers (Beginner)
  7. Aviator Cap (Beginner)
  8. Old-School Jacob Vest (Intermediate)
  9. Emily Cluster Hat (Intermediate)
  10. Love me Lots Toy (Beginner)
  11. Double Pom-Pom Hat (Beginner)
  12. Ladybug Hooded Blanket (Beginner)
  13. Kimmie-roo Headband (Beginner)
  14. Cream Puff Hat (Beginner)
  15. Peapod Hooded Cocoon (Beginner)
  16. Happy Hippo Bib (Beginner)
  17. Abigail Shrug (Intermediate)
  18. Moose Hat (Beginner)
  19. Knotty Flower Twist (Beginner)
  20. Ryan Toboggan & Matching Car Seat Blanket
  21. Baby Pants (Intermediate)
  22. Open-Weave Ally Beanie with Flowers (Beginner)
  23. Puppy Hat (Beginner)
  24. Girly-girl Poncho (Beginner)
  25. Woodland Blanket (Beginner)
  26. Elephant Ears Beanie (Moderate Beginner)
  27. James Sporty Sweater (Intermediate)
  28. Football Hat & Cocoon Set (Beginner)
  29. Fruit Punch Hat (Intermediate)
  30. What a Hoot Owl Hat (Beginner)
  31. Vivianne Slippers (Intermediate)
  32. Giraffe Hat & Button Diaper Cover (Intermediate)
  33. Welcome Baby Stripped Long Tail Pom (Beginner)
  34. Cotton Candy Hat (Beginner)
  35. Cuddle Me Hat & Cocoon Set (Beginner)
I love the fact that the patterns are a good mix of patterns for girls, boys and unisex.
No baby will be left out with the patterns from this book.
They are practical and ever so cute!
10 of the designs are Kristi's top sellers
and 25 are new patterns just for the book.
It's ideal for any fan of Kristi's old or new. 
If you are a beginner, don't worry, Kristi has all the bases covered 
in a tutorial section (step-by-step complete how-to photographs are included). 

If you would like to take a look the designs on offer in Kristi's fantastic book click on the link:

You can purchase the book direct from Kristi
& she will even sign the book for you
The book is priced at $19.95
that works out at $0.57 a pattern.
Now you can't complain about that!

So what are you waiting for?
Go check out the book!


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