Monday 16 September 2013

Exciting News

Today is a New Start & A New Life
for me
Crochet Addict UK

CFS has taken over my life and made me learn a lot of difficult lessons.
One of the lessons I had to learn is I am no longer capable of
working a "normal" job.
I don't know from one hour to the next as to what I'll be capable of.
I can be up all night struggling to breathe and in excruciating pain.
I can spend the next 2 weeks not being able to move off the couch.
This is what I live with now and I've accepted that.
My husband has been my lifeline.
He's the one that does the shopping, cooks the meals and brings in the money.
My Mum and Dad help where ever they can and have been a rock for me.

As of the 15th September
I have been officially retired off sick.
It's with this news that I have decided to
open my Crochet Addict UK Pattern Shop.

With crochet design I can pick it up when I can.
If I'm ill I can take the time for me to rest.
With technology now you are still able
to purchase and access my patterns
whenever you want.
It also means I can bring something in to
cover the costs of my crocheting.
My doctor thinks it's a fantastic therapy
and is backing me all the way :-)

I'm seeing this new start as a positive.
CFS has taught me how to appreciate what you have
and what you can do.
If it wasn't for CFS I would never have found Crocheting or Blogging.
For me it was meant to be.

I'm hoping this new start is going to hold
a bright new future for me & my family.

I'll still keep blogging as my hobby
and I'll still be doing my features.
But hopefully you'll now be able
to join me on my designing journey.

In celebration I'm arranging a fantastically huge
giveaway for the beginning of October.
(If you would like to be part of the giveaway
please email me at
for further details).
So keep your eyes peeled as I've got some amazing
prizes for you.

You can now find me at:
      Ravelry        Facebook       Etsy     Craftsy

I also have a guest blog post at
Ducks 'n a Row
please go check it out.


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