Tuesday 17 September 2013

Clicker 6 the award-winning literacy tool

As you know I have been working with Little Red
since he was diagnosed as Dyslexic.

The Crick Software company
have been very generous
and let us have a copy of their
Clicker 6 Educational Program
to review.
We will be using this program on a regular basis
and giving updates.

Clicker is the award-winning literacy tool 
that enables pupils of all abilities to significantly develop their 
reading and writing skills. 
Clicker is used on over half a million school computers 
and in over 90% of UK primary schools.

Clicker is the leading product for 
supporting primary-age pupils with dyslexia, 
winner of many awards 
and used in tens of thousands of classrooms.

Writing support
Clicker's writing support works by providing 
a child-friendly talking word processor 
supported by the unique Clicker Grids, 
enabling Children to produce a piece of writing to be proud of.

Reading Support
An extensive range of Clicker talking books 
provides unique materials that your pupils with dyslexia can use independently. 
Every title includes carefully designed, 
varied reading and writing activities that teach and reinforce new literacy skills. 

Build Confidence with Point and Click Access to Words
Clicker removes the writing block 
that hinders the development of many children with dyslexia
 by providing point-and-click access to whole words 
and phrases that are relevant to the current writing task. 
Children can listen to each word before using it, 
and when they complete their sentence, 
it is automatically read back to them.

Reinforce the Link Between Spellings and Sounds

Using Clicker Grids helps children to internalize the link 
between how a word is represented on the page and how it sounds. 
Children right-click on any word in the Clicker Grid to hear it, 
enabling them to check they have the right word before using it in their writing.

This is just a snippet of what the program can do.
If you want more information 
please visit their website

As a mother of a dyslexic child this program is such a big help.
I can't wait for you to join our journey.


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