Saturday 28 September 2013

Guest Blogger Week 83 Stellar Dreams

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Nancy

Nancy Brown-Designer
P. O. Box 522
Belfair, WA 98528
United States

My name is Nancy Brown, and my husband and I moved to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago following retirement. Marco and I, since growing up in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California and living there most of our lives, have adjusted well to the very different climate and way of life from which we retired. 

I have been involved in the yarn industry for many years, and truly love all aspects of yarn crafts, but particularly crochet. Having been a crocheter for years, I followed patterns from books and magazines, and then it was a natural progression to move into creating my own designs. I started publishing crochet patterns in books and magazines in the 1980’s. Since I seem to have a knack for crochet design and am fairly good at writing crochet patterns, and with the rise of the self-publishing industry, I have developed an “after retirement” niche that is self-satisfying and rewarding.

           Down Brim Cloche

I particularly like designing crochet accessories. Crochet just seems to lend itself to hats, bags, scarves, shawls and wraps. Hats have been my favorite crocheted accessory, however, it seems as though we have discovered crocheted purses. They are quick and fun to make and seem to be very much in fashion at this time. 

        Pineapple Spangle Scarf

                            Posy Patch Bag                                                          Whirligig Bag
                                  PA-207                                                                     PA-202

                                                                    Shell Stitch Bag

Inspiration for designs usually comes from the yarn I am “playing with”. I have found, over the years, that a yarn will usually tell me what it thinks it should be made into. However, I can get inspired by vintage patterns. There are a myriad of vintage designs just begging to be updated. 

I opened a website on Etsy in 2009, and have been pleased with my pattern PDF sales. I find that Etsy is easy to use, user friendly, and very customer oriented. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to find the time for social links. I do have a Facebook and a Pinterest account, but I am afraid they are not utilized to their fullest advantage.

Vintage Inspired Baby Jacket

Creating and designing crochet patterns have become a huge part of my life and of our business endeavors. However, I am an avid reader, and my husband and I volunteer with the Humane Society. We are very passionate when it comes to saving animals. Kitten rescue is our specialty. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and please visit me at

Thank you ever so much Nancy
I love your Shell stitched bag and  baby jacket. 
I have also added a few of the patterns I love of yours as well.
I love the way you offer matching sets!
Please check out Nancy's shop as she has some amazing patterns.

Crochet Pattern PDF - Beret, Beanie and Bag - PA-126 Crochet Pattern PDF - "Flowers" Jewelry Set - PA-140
Crochet Pattern PDF -  'Basic Beret' - PA-101a

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  1. Well decision made I have purchased my favorite patterns and I can't wait to make them :-)


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