Sunday 29 September 2013

Crochet for Beginners who want to Improve

Crochet for Beginners who want to Improve
by Ali Campbell

It's so true that after learning to crochet from the beginners books
you sort of just get left.
You muddle your way through and learn what you can yourself.
Well now there is an ideal book for you.
Ali uses all her knowledge to put together 10 projects
that will help you on your learning journey.
Each project has hints and tips for you to be able to use lots of different methods.

  1. Chunky Headband
  2. A "Classic" Beanie Hat
  3. Warming Chunky Socks
  4. A Classic Granny Square
  5. A Granny Square with Colour changes
  6. "Variations" Granny Triangles & Rectangles
  7. Joining Methods
  8. Personal Organiser Cover including colour changes in rows
  9. Colour Changes in rounds
  10. Tin Can Crochet Covers
Ali also includes a top tips at the end.

There are clear pictures throughout and Ali has a fantastic method of
putting information in different colours so you can easily 
see the must know information:
All tips, tricks of the trade & cheats will be in GREEN, as Green is
for GO. All abbreviations will be explained, longhand, in
AMBER when first used in a pattern as this will help you to
recognise them & WARNINGS will be in RED as Red is for
STOP, so STOP & do what it says!!

The projects are fun and diverse and a good mix to get you going.
Ali also explains how to read charts which is a must have skill
that quite a lot of people miss out on - including myself.

Ali choose to make most of the projects with 
a nice chunky wool & a 6mm hook.
This makes it easier to see what you are doing
and understand the stitches better. 

I also love the way Ali has the book 
in both UK Terminology and US Terminology.
This way what ever terminology you are learning by
you are covered.
This is something that quite a lot of crocheters forget - including myself.

I would say that even crocheters who have been crocheting for a while
would get something from this book.
They are interesting projects to make
and there always tips and techniques that you haven't heard of.

This book is a fantastic solutions for many crocheters
who feel they've been left in limbo after
learning the basics.

You can find Ali at:
or blog


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