Monday 23 September 2013

Making a Dream Catcher

Little Red suffers from nightmares & night terrors.
To help him cope I decided to make him a dream catcher.
I told him if he had a nightmare and woke up
he was to throw it at the dream catcher 
and it would stay there and wouldn't come back.
We decided to make them together.

First we Collect feathers.
You can buy them but we decided to collect them.

Then we bought some memory wire
Then we fed beads onto the wire
 Once the beads were all on the hoop
I used some black electrical tape
to fasten the gap & attach the white yarn
It's then time to weave the yarn
to make the design of the web.
Once you've finished the web
tidy up your ends and attach a number of long pieces of yarn
Wrap the yarn round each feather attaching with cellotape.
And there you have your Dream Catcher.
If you don't have any beads you can always 
use yarn wrapped around the wire instead


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