Monday 30 September 2013

Clicker 6 and Dyslexia Update

Today I thought I would give you an update
on Little Red and his Dyslexia.

Things have been progressing slowly but they are progressing.
Little Red has been getting used to the Clicker 6 program.
This program is fantastic for schools & home.
You can add your own exercises as well as use the
free ones that you have access to.

At the moment we are just using the exercises from Clicker.
It has amazed me how the little things you don't think of make
such a difference.

The first exercise we looked at today was
the matching game:
 Little Red would get one picture on screen
and then a number of difference pictures would appear
and he had to choose the matching one.
 This may sound a simple game but Dyslexics have
problems with memory etc.
so it's a really useful puzzle.
 The next exercise looked at how you get ready in the morning.
First the voice would say an example:
In which picture am I getting out of bed? 
 Little Red would then choose the correct one.
Little red then looked at each of the sentences
and put the words in the correct order.
He really enjoyed this and learnt to read quite a few new words.
I was really surprised about how enthralled he became.
I thought he would find it too like a classroom 
exercise but he really enjoyed it.
He carried on well after the 15 mins were over.
 Another exercise he looked at was making a snowman
The program reads out the words to the child
as you go.
 Little Red loved the way you could add the sentences to the page
It meant that he could recognise the words himself.
If he wasn't sure once you press the . the program automatically reads it back to him.
You are able to alter the document at any point. 
He was kept enthralled and entertained for quite a while.
We'll be using it on a more regular basis now.

The start of each exercises isn't as intuitive for him as I would like
but once I set him up on the program he could run through everything himself.
I think as he gets more homework from school we will be using this more and more.

I'm going to try and set-up my own exercise next and see how easy it is.

So I'll let you know how we both get on :-)


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