Monday, 9 September 2013


Over the last couple of years my health deteriorated.
It got to the point where I could no longer work.

As you know blogging and crochet has been my saviour.
What you don't know if the process that was going on behind the scenes.

I worked for a company that had a retirement off sick option.
This isn't an easy option and it was a long difficult process.
Through the process my dad took over everything.
I had a breakdown and couldn't cope with it anymore.
My dad took the reigns and has fought for me.

I am now being retired off sick 
and I wanted to thank my mum and dad for their support.
I thought long and hard and decided to get them a couple of Angels.

I looked on a number of sites but decided 
I wanted something special and handmade.
I decided to buy the following angels from Etsy:

Flourite Angel/Flourite Gemstone Angel/Hand Carved Gemstone Angel/Crystal Angel/Flourite Crystal Glass Angel
I'm getting the glass Angel in Sky Blue
I hope they like them and I hope they understand how
much their support has meant to me.
I also bought a crochet pattern:

In their honour I wanted to do an Angel themed post:
Etsy Finds:
Original Painting | Abstract Guardian Angels | Gold and Gloss Handmade Porcelain Christmas Angel Decoration Perfect Xmas Tree Decoration Gift Angel Kraft Cahier-Altered Moleskine Pocketbook-Limited Edition
Handmade Solid Silver Peanut Angel Bracelet - custom made to order Advent Calendar Quilted Angel with Pockets Unique Stained Glass Steam Punk Wings Wispy Iridised Teal TurquoiseAngel
Fairy Sisters Painting Art Block Print Fairy Christmas Decoration, Silver Plated. Sea glass necklace. Beach glass jewelry.
Fused glass guardian angel Abstract Stained Glass ornament (Angel Heart)

Etsy Crochet Patterns:
Amigurumi Angel Crochet Pattern PDF christmas tree decor handmade fairy doll making homemade gift idea tutorial Angel Crochet Pattern Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern PDF Instant Download Angel Nova Flower Angel (Instant download Amigurumi doll crochet pattern pdf)
Crochet Angel Wings Cover Photo Prop Pattern - Newborn Crochet Pattern- Paz the little angel amigurumi doll PDF Instant Download Angel Wings, Headband, and Diaper Cover Crochet Pattern
Angel Bear Snuggle Blanket / Security Blanket Crochet Pattern PDF Guardian Angel (Instant download Amigurumi doll crochet pattern pdf) Sweet Angel - crochet pattern
 Crochet Angel Amigurumi pattern PDF pattern Amigurumi 2.3 inc Miniature Angel Pattern
amigurumi angel vs devil boy pattern Instant Download Amigurumi Crochet PDF Pattern - From Paradise
Ravelry Crochet Patterns for Sale:
5127581296_71dd655581_n Sunrayangel_small2 010_medium
R_angel_left_small2 Il_570xn 4_small2
3angels_small2P1230795_small2CROCHET PATTERN - KISS Series - Angel

Ravelry Free Crochet Patterns:
E05_12_crochet_angel_jpg_445x9999_q85_small2 Angel_small2 Sam_0136_small2
6072821636_08cbd4ef65_n 1227878272_373d5d1fd8_n 80974ada_small2
Enkeli_small2 Eyes_covered_small2 20121129_203420_small2

I hope you like my finds. I've already bought a couple and have
more on my wish list :-)



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