Monday 9 September 2013

Our Centre Parcs Holiday

My Mum and Dad were wonderful enough
to send us on holiday
to Centre Parcs Whinfell, Cumbria.
It was fantastic and just what we needed.

Now I am a huge fan of Centre Parcs.
I love the concept.
If you have never been before they are all in woods
around Britain.
You are only allowed in with your car on the day you arrive
and the day you leave.
Once you are unpacked you leave your car at the car park
and spend the holiday walking or cycling.
You get a lodge in the woods (different levels available)
and you can either make your own meals
in the self catering villa or get delivery/take away
or eat in one of the restaurants.

The parc has everything you need so you never have to leave.
Included in your stay is access to the fantastic waterparc.
We were lucky enough that Little Red's grandparents had given him money
to play different things during the holiday.
This is where I thought more and more about the costs.
If it hadn't been for them we wouldn't of been able to afford
playing other sports.
The whole place is centred around activities and sports.
They have fantastic facilities but you have to pay for them.
They aren't cheap and the costs mount up very quickly.
We stayed for 4 nights as they prefer you to stay for a 4 night week or 3 night weekend break.
As we were doing everything I realised just how much the whole 
holiday is built around money.
I felt you are just looked at as a pocket.
We really enjoyed everything so much but in the current climate
I just can't justify the cost.
Whilst we were there we:
 Played crazy golf - £19.50 18 holes
I even managed table tennis as I stood in the one spot and didn't have to move. - £6.50 for 1/2 hr
Little Red and Hubby went out on a pedalo - £10.50 for 1/2 hr
 And we played short tennis. £6.00 for 45 mins.

I loved the holiday.
My mum and dad had paid extra to get me as near as possible to the centre.
Even when I couldn't join in I enjoyed just watching hubby & Little Red having fun.

You used to get a discount if you booked again
but you don't get it anymore.
You get £25 in Centre Parcs Vouchers.
I was looking at going for my birthday but for a 3 night break
in a basic villa with the dog being allowed (extra £65 charge) to go with us
it would be £424 - yes that's right!
Out of season and 3 nights and just for 3 people. 
We would then have the costs for food, drink, sports & activities on top.
The worst thing is that this is only for the basic villa.
They haven'e been updated recently
so things are broke, damaged, missing.
The tv had to be switched on and off 3 times to get sound
and you didn't always get a picture.

You can pay extra and get a better quality of lodge but we just didn't have the money.
For a weeks break in July it would be upwards of £1068.
It breaks my heart. I love going but we won't be going again :-(
Little Red will be disappointed.
He made friends and loved everything about the holiday!

I couldn't list all the different things you have available to take part in.
If you want any further details you can check out Centre Parcs site

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Little Red is growing up soo fast.
It was just what we needed. We could take our time.
I could rest when I wanted
and watch Little Red having fun.
The weather was good which made all the difference.
Everytime I think about it I smile.


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