Friday 28 February 2014

I've Made Friday Week 99

I hope you've all had a good week & are looking forward to the weekend!

We had some sunshine this week!
It was still cool but it was sooo NICE to see the sunshine.
Everything feels so much better when it comes out to say hello.
We are back to rain now but I don't care 
as the sun has made me so much happier.

I didn't tell you last week but I was booked in on a spinning course.
I was soo nervous as I didn't know how I was going to manage
with my CFS.
My dad was kind enough to take me and pick me up.
Little Red was a bit upset as mummy never goes anywhere without him.
To cheer him up Daddy took him to watch the latest Lego Movie.

So here is what I managed to make:

It's not fantastic but I am so proud of myself for trying.
I learnt sooo much on the day.
I was using an Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel.
It's a fantastic wheel and so verstile, hardwearing
and portable.
I had asked to use this wheel as I thought it
would be a better option for our small house.
I've now decided that it isn't really for a beginner.
Due to the wheel being smaller it seems to work
a lot faster than the traditional spinning wheel.
Due to my CFS I did find it difficult on the day
and by the afternoon I'd had to fill myself with painkillers.

Due to the pain I don't think I will take it up at the moment
but I hope if I ever go into remission I might give it a try again.
It was amazing being about to make my own yarn.
I probably won't make anything with this skein as I
want to keep it and reminding myself I can do things.
The course was run by Cathy from Lazy Kate,
She is multi talented and uses her vast
amount of knowledge to share this.
You can faind Lazy Kate at:
Please check out all her sites as she also sells
some beautiful yarn!
Her course was fantastic. She talks you through each stage
of preparing the yarn and then talks you through spinning the yarn.
She keeps an eye on you the whole time but only intervenes if
you are having any problems.
Each problem you do have she talks you through
so that if you decide to take up spinning you'll
be able to sort the problems yourself.
There were six of us on the course and Cathy had
arranged for her mum and the shop owner to help.
They are also experienced spinners so were
on hand to help whenever you needed it.
It was such a friendly atmosphere we even got
some homemade Chocolate cake :-).
If you are thinking of taking up Spinning and live
in the North of England I would highly recommend Cathy!

Here is the Noticeboard I made:
I used chalkboard paint, washy tape to decorate.
I loved how it turned out :-).

My multi-use bunting.
I've made the bunting with velcro on it so you can change
what ever you want from letters, hearts, butterflies etc.

My letter tray is finished :-)
I love it :-)
Hubby did quite a bit but I decided to finish it off
as I was impatient.

I also had my first go at sewing this week.
I have never used a sewing machine before
so don't laugh

I haven't finished my hat yet so you'll have to wait till next week for that one :-)

I have however finished reading my book:

The Best is Yet to Come
by Tara R. Alemany
You HAVE to read this book.
I couldn't put it down once I started.
This is a heartwarming true story that
will touch your heart in so many weighs.
Tara is a born again Christian and isn't
dating as she feels her faith is important to her
and she wants to find a man who accepts her for who she is.
Fate brings her together with Frank.
He is everything she had hoped for and so much more.
She spends upto 18hrs a day on the phone with him.
They are connected in so many ways.
Read the beautiful story and how faith has helped Tara so much.
It doesn't matter if you believe or not as this
is just a touching story that everyone should read.
I spent over 2 hours crying reading it but
the whole time I wanted to read more and
felt so honored to be reading Tara's story.
I give this book 5 out of 5!

Don't forget to enter:
Crochet Pattern PDF – Openwork Cloche Hats – PA-115

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