Friday 21 February 2014

Crochet Pink ~ Crochet Book Review

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Crochet Pink
by Janet Rehfeldt
ISBN: 9781604683530
Publisher: Martingale
Published Date: 12th November 2013
Price: £18.99
Photography by:  Martingale, and their Photographer Brent Kane

Janet has written this book as so many of
us have been impacted by breast cancer.
A special crocheted gift is a tangible way to show our support to loved ones
--or our appreciation to our caregivers. 
These beautiful crochet patterns are ideal.

This book is an amazing collection of beautiful patterns.
Each one has it's own special look
and gives beauty to something that is so scary.

Whether you are giving the item to someone else or making something
for yourself you will find many things that are so special.
Each of the patterns gives you a peaceful warmth.

Janet has used beautifully soft yarn to create an exotic and 
feel-good-next-to-your-skin project.
You know by making each project you are making something
that will feel good as well as look good.

At the start of the book Janet gives you all the knowledge you will
need to know to make each of the projects.
This includes details of yarns, substituting yarns, tools and details
of any special stitches used.

At the start of each pattern Janet give you a special little note about the pattern.
You are given all the details of the materials, guage, what stitches are featured,
details of any special stitches and notes of anything you need to note
about the pattern.
The patterns are written in easy to follow written format.

 The vast range of patterns in the book mean that 
there are so many different styles and looks
you are bound to find numerous items you will want to make.

It's such a touching book and it will be one you will use time and again.
The book gives a feel of being calm and caring all the way through.
Not only will you want to make the patterns you'll also want
to browse and read the book.

It feels like a book that can help you, your family and friends can heal with.
Too many people are touched by breast cancer
but the good news is more and more are surviving.
This book gives so many gifts you can give to help through the process
and to celebrate and remember each survivor and each loss. 

I cannot bring into words how beautiful this book is.
I think the designs themselves speak more
about their beauty than I ever could.

I think this is a book that every crocheter should own.

I am touched by Janet's generosity by putting so many beautiful
patterns together. 
She has thought so much about the maker, giver, receiver
and amassed it into an amazing set of patterns.

This book has really touched me.
The only thing I can't wait for now is to make my first
project from one of the patterns.

I feel privileged to have been sent this book to review.
I am going to use that privilege to spread
some of the warmth and caring in the book.
I hope you'll agree and buy your own copy.
You won't be disappointed 

I received a free copy of the ebook to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were received in return for this review. 


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  2. Thank you for such a wonderful and touching review of my book Crochet PINK.


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