Monday 17 February 2014

Spotlight ~ Kitty Cooper

Stockghyll Woods

Hi I'm Kitty, an artist living on the Isle of Wight. 
I've been painting and creating as long as I can remember 
but knew I wanted to be an artist from about 16 years old. 
I studied art at school, of course always my favourite subject but after A Level 
I found it had lost it's freedom for me. 
Art History & Theory was probably my favourite part of studying Fine Art, 
so I dropped out after a couple of years feeling 
I just wanted to create my own work for me - and to sell!


So I have been exhibiting and developing my work ever since. 
I've been really grateful too, to have found online outlets to sell and show my work, 
which I love for the freedom it gives you, on what you want to create 
and exactly what you do with the work. 
Also I love to work directly with the customer and get immediate feedback!


Over the years I've done a huge variety of work and in most mediums. 
I really enjoy this variety and shifting from each subject or style as my inspiration takes me. 
I explore portraits, landscapes, abstract work, narratives, illustration, animals and still life. 
Some pieces take an hour, others like the oil landscapes I worked on last summer, 
each took as long as 2 weeks to complete. 
I think I thrive on this variety and it keeps it fresh and always moving forward.

Woods at Luccombe

I'm inspired by so many things, including the Lake District, walks around the Isle of Wight, 
coastlines and woodlands. 
As well as fashion, beauty, faces, folklore, stories and imagination.


You can find more of my work on Artfinder, as well as Etsy and Folksy. My website too.

Forest Path Small

Thanks very much to Sue for letting me show you my work!

Thank you ever so much Kitty!
I think my favorite has to be Woods at Luccombe.
I think my other favorite in your Etsy Shop is:
Country Sky 3 - Original Painting
I hope you will all thank Kitty for showing us her work.
I hope you'll check out her sites and more of her fantastic work!

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  1. Beautiful work Kitty! I thought some of these were actual photos rather than paintings!


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