Saturday 22 February 2014

KnitPro ~ Product Review

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I don't know whether you have heard of KnitPro
but it's the one stop product line for all your crochet & knitting tool needs.
KnitPro have sent me some products
to review over the coming weeks
but I wanted to show you them together first.
To show you how they really are all the tools you'll need.

Whether you are a knitter or a crocheter you'll find what you need.

To start a crochet project you'll need some crochet hooks

They come in a fantastic handy case with a window so 
you can check whether all your hooks are there.

Each hook has it's own colour so you can see at quick glance
which hook you need.

The hooks also include their sizes on them, from 2mm - 6mm.

To make life easier and to keep your pattern safe
and in the right place how about a Chart Keeper.
Not only due to get a functional chart keeper
it also looks beautiful!

The Magma Chart Keeper includes the magnets to
keep your place and keep your pattern in place.

Once you've finished your project you may need to block it.
So how about some Lace Blocking Mats


With 8 mats you'll have enough to fit most sizes of projects.

And not forgetting the pins KnitPro even has these:

I have wanted a set of T-Pins forever and they are just as good as I expected.

Now your project is finished you may want a shawl pin 
to show off you'll beautiful finished item.


Each picture is linked direct to the item but you can find a lot more
in their lines at their website
You can also find a stockist worldwide

I hope you enjoyed today's quick post
and I look forward to reviewing each item in turn.

I received the products to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were received in return for this review. 


  1. Great stuff! Love the hook cases and the blocking mat. The shawl pins are perfect. However I can't deal with patterns printed and "ruled" to not loose you place ever since I invented my scrapbooked crochet patterns. It is SOOOO much easier and timesaving to keep your place with my patterns. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I have the T-pins and agree with you, they are invaluable! :)
    Great reviews!


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