Wednesday 26 February 2014

All Year Round Bunting ~ Crafting With Crochet Addict UK

The whole point of this bunting is you can change it to match
all year round.

In the center of the bunting is Velcro so you can change the
middle design to anything you want to.
You can add letters, butterflies, hearts, clover & much, much more.
How about adding the word Easter, Happy Christmas, Happy New Year........

The project is also a no sew project for anyone who isn't confident sewing.
If you love to sew you can choose to sew it instead.

Glue - Fabric Fushion - available from Darice 
Sating Ribbon - available from Darice 
Felt - various colours - You can buy the felt or ready made felt shapes from Darice

I used the plain bunting.

and pinned it to the fabric to cut around. Cut around each of the sets of bunting. Perfection isn't required as this is going to be your hem around the fabric.

The easiest way to make your hem is to fold each part of the hem
over and iron.
Check the shape against your plain butting to make sure it fits into the space below the holes.
For the 2 top corners you can fold them in so they don't stick out.
For the bottom corner you will need to cut a small amount of the fabric off so that it isn't seen.
Iron over the hem again to make sure it stays in shape.

This is where you have a choice. If you are a confident sewer you can sew the hem.
If you don't sew then glue is an alternative option.
Glue down the edges and then add glue so that you can stick it to the plain bunting.
Glue the fabric onto the bunting, make sure you leave the holes for the thread free so that you can feed the ribbon through.

Leave your bunting to dry.

Cut a very small piece of velcro.

Glue the piece of Velcro to the center of the bunting.
Once this is dry you are able to add your decoration.

You can either cut your design by hand or with a cutter from a piece of felt.
There are many different options you can use. You can add letters, shapes, pictures etc. The choice is yours.
As the felt attaches with Velcro you can change the decoration at any point.

Below are the hearts and butterflies that I added to my bunting. You can use them as templates to make your own.

Once your bunting is complete you can thread the ribbon through the bunting.Don't reduce the length of your ribbon as you may need more when you are making your next bunting design.
Why don't you play with the design and see what festivities you can make your bunting for.


  1. I love bunting! This is a cute idea...especially the velcro part. I may have to see how that works on crochet. Have a great day!

    1. I bet it would work really well. Anything that attaches to Velcro will work. I was using some supplies up but I may make a crochet one in the future as well. So glad you like it. This is my first crafty how to of a new series :-)


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