Thursday 6 February 2014

Jewelry From Home ~ Course Review

Today I would like to tell you about a new
fantastic website that's offering classes
to teach you how to make jewelry at home.

This fantastic site is offering a starter course for #FREE
Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners by Jessica Rose

In the course you will:
Learn to make your own professional quality beaded earrings, 
bracelets and necklaces with award winning jewelry expert Jessica Rose.
Throughout this easy to use online course, 
Jessica will guide you through the whole process from start to finish 
of how to make simple but beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can wear with pride.

Whether you are making some pieces for yourself, 
a friend or to sell through a business, 
all the techniques covered will give you an excellent grounding for making professional jewelry.

What more could you ask for?

The course lasts 55 minutes in total and has 4 lessons.
Although the lessons take 55 minutes it will take you
a bit longer to make all the different projects.

The first lessons teaches you how to make 2 different styles
of earrings.
The course explains everything and Jessica makes it easy to understand.
You go through each stage step by step and from the start
you feel confident following the instructions.
Within minutes you are making your own jewelry.

I love that you get a list of materials & tools you will need
before you sign up for the course.
Jessica also talks you through each of the tools
and materials so you know what you are going to be using for what.
The first lesson talks you through everything
and then in each lesson Jessica talks you 
through what you'll be using for what and how to use them.

Here are the earrings I made in lesson 2:

I'm really pleased. The instructions were so easy to understand
that I felt I could make numerous types of earrings
with ease.
Jessica makes you feel like you can achieve anything.

In Lesson 3 you learn how to make bracelets using 2 different
types of materials.

Jessica talks you through making a nylon elastic thread with the 1st design
and then she shows you how to use memory wire.
Yet again Jessica is easy to understand and talks you through every stage.
She gives you hints and tips to make things easier.
You get to choose how you want your items to look.
You aren't constrained into making the exact same designs as the course.

The last lesson teaches you how to make a necklace:

You also learn how to add a clasp and how
to stage your beads so they make the necklace work better.

Overall I am very pleased with the course and wouldn't have any
problems recommending it.
I found it very easy to follow and I loved that within a short amount
of time I could make pieces that I was proud of.

You can find Jewelry at home at:
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They also offer a number of other Jewelry making courses:
Join wire jewelry expert and serial author Linda Jones 
on a journey in to the wonderful world of wire jewelry in this creative introductory class. 
Learn about all of the tools and materials used before moving 
on to making a range of wire components and completed wire jewelry; rings, 
bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

The techniques covered in this course form a great foundation 
for developing more advanced wire jewelry skills but also equip you with everything 
you need to make professional quality sets of beautiful wire jewelry from home.

A fun and versatile class, suitable for complete beginners and not to be missed!

Silver metal clay is a magical material that allows you to make 
solid silver jewellery from the kitchen table. 
Learn from one of the world's greatest metal clay jewelers 
and tutors Julia Rai in this fun and informative course.

What is metal clay?
It is a clay-based substance, containing millions of tiny silver particles. 
You can shape it like you would clay or a soft plasticine 
but after firing it with a small kitchen hand torch, 
all of the clay burns away leaving you with a solid silver piece that is hallmark quality. 
It's amazing!

Throughout the 5 lessons you will learn to roll-out and texture the clay, 
make moulds to create 3D charms, dry, sand, drill 
and torch fire your clay before polishing them to a beautiful shine. 
Julia will also introduce you to patinas and using a solution 
called liver of sulphur to create contrast in your finished pieces.

This class is perfect for beginners wanting to learn the basics of working 
with silver metal clay and to make some lovely solid silver charms from home.

Make your own stylish fashion jewellery using a range of beads, 
wire and chain and guided by fashion jewelry expert Hayley Kruger.

Hayley will guide you through all the basics of making your own fashion jewelry 
including attaching beads to chain, using different metal components
 and laying out your designs before creating a matching necklace, bracelet and earrings set.

Once you have mastered the fundamental techniques 
you will look at top tips for getting inspirations for your designs 
and can apply all these elements to create your own sets of bespoke, trend-focused jewelry.

This is a great follow on class from the 'Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners' 
by Jessica Rose and is suitable for complete beginners.

Yes, you really can make your own silver ring from home! 
In this fun and comprehensive course, designer jeweler Rosie Sanders 
will guide you through the whole process from start to finish to make your own wrap-over silver ring.

You start with small sheets of silver, which you then saw in to shape,
 heat with a small torch, texture and pattern before shaping into the perfect ring to fit any finger size. 
To finish you will learn all the basics of filing, sanding 
and polishing your piece to achieve a beautiful shiny silver ring at the end.

This class does require a few more tools and materials than the bead-based classes 
(see tools required below) but is completely achievable to do from home with Rosie's expert, 
step-by-step advice and support.

There is no soldering covered in this course as it is making a wrap-over ring, 
which makes it the perfect starting point for anyone new to jewellery making 
or ready to try working in silver for the first time.

I've got my eye on the introduction to wire jewelry course.
Why don't you check the courses out.
You can sign up to the beginners course for ##free

I was asked to perform a review but 
all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were received for this post.


  1. I really like the earrings that you made.

  2. Sue, I went to the site and it is excellent. I have signed up for the free beginner course and can see two of the regular courses that I'd like to take later on. Thanks so much for introducing us to this site. It's great because I can take them from the U.S.!


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