Monday 10 March 2014

KnitPro T-Pins & Blocking Mats ~ Product Review

#KnitPro #T-Pins & #Blocking #Mats ~ #Product #Review

There are many projects that knitters and crocheters make that need blocking.
Blocking makes such a difference to the shape and look of your finished project.
KnitPro have a fantastic line of different products that can
help you with the blocking progress.
The problem with blocking is the size of the item you need to block
your project on.
KnitPro have solved this issue with interlocking mats.
These Lace Blocking Mats are ideal as you can make the size and shape
to match your projects.


You can put them into any size and shape and with a pack of 9 blocking mats
you can make them to a large size.
Each mat is 30cm x 30cm so you have a lot of options to differing sizes.

They are easy to fit together and the foam is a good quality and can easily take
the pins to keep your item in shape without marking the surface underneath.

Now with the mats you can use sewing pins but you then have
to be careful they don't rust. 
The KnitPro T-Pins are stainless steel and plated with nickel
so that they are rust resistant.
They are 1.5" in length so they are a good size for all projects.
The T-Pin also means that your projects can't slip over the top.
They give you fantastic control of your project so you
know you can trust them to keep everything in shape.

Not only do KnitPro have T-Pins available for blocking your projects
they also have Lace Blacking Wires.
So not only can you put them in shape with pins you can also
keep them straight with these stainless steel wires. 

I have loved all the products KnitPro have sent me.
They are of a fantastic quality and the designs
of the products have been thought about and designed
so they do exactly what they are meant to do.
I cannot find fault with any of their products.
The items to help you with your blocking can
help to make your project look like the finished product it should.
You don't have to worry about marks from any of the products
and you know where ever you block your items they will stay in place.

You can find out more about KnitPro's products & 
you can also find a stockist worldwide

I hope you enjoyed today's quick post
and I look forward to reviewing each item in turn.

I received the products to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were received in return for this review. 


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