Wednesday 19 March 2014

What You Doing Wednesday Week 99

I hope your week is going well!

The sun has disappeared again in the North of England.
We are back to windy and rainy days again.
It's such a shame as it was beautiful to see the sunshine.

Little Red is all better and back to his normal self.
He managed to get another badge at his swimming lesson.
I'm so proud of how he is doing.
It's going to be so much more fun watching him swim on holiday.

I've got some exciting news for you:
Coming up is rather a special birthday for me.
It's my 40th Birthday.
To Celebrate I am offering you buy one get one free
on all my patterns on Ravelry.
Just use the code "Happy Birthday"
The offer will run till the end of March 2014.

My birthday present arrived.
It's even better in person!
I'm not allowed to use it till my birthday.
I am sooo lucky forward to learning to spin.

We've been crafting this week:
This is going to be a pin cushion

 Little Red making his bird from his weekend box
 I'm going to Modge Podge this box
 We are decorating a bird box

 This is going to be a toothless 
and these are hopefully going to be a beautiful Easter bunny of african flowers.
This pattern is by Jo's Crocheteria
It should hopefully look like this:
Easter Bunny of African Flowers - Crochet Pattern
I'm making mine in slightly different colours.
I love Jo's designs.
She has all sorts of animals designed with african flowers:
Crochet Pattern - Maggie the African Flower Owl Pillow Crochet Pattern - Frank the African Flower Chicken Pillow Crochet Pattern - Amy the African Flower Snail
Crochet Pattern - African Flower Heart Pillow Crochet Pattern - Mia The African Flower Dog Pillow Crochet Pattern - Christmas African Flower Santa Claus - Nisse the gnome

Crochet Pattern - Lucy the African Flower Skull - Halloween decoration/Pillow Crochet Pattern - Tess the African Flower Butterfly Pillow Crochet Pattern - African Flower Shoulder Bag
Aren't they are amazing!
Each of the images are linked to their Etsy page.

This Week I am Reading:

Traces of Kara by Melissa Foster
It's about a woman, Kara, going about her daily life
and then everything takes a turn for the worse.
The question is why?
In some ways I'm getting frustrated by the book.
It's one of those where you think you wouldn't be that
stupid to go into that dark cold room when you can see blood on the floor.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I have the same wheel! I hope you enjoy using it and it brings you many, many years of joy :)

  2. Thanks so much for hosting the party Sue! Have a nice weekend too.


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