Thursday 27 March 2014

Creating with Mod Podge ~ Book Review

Creating with Mod Podge eBook Front Cover
Creating with Mod Podge
ISBN: 9781464713811
Release Date 4/19/2013
Available in eBook & Book format from

I know that Mod Podge is hugely popular in other countries
but the craze is just growing in the UK.

The craze has found me and I love it.
Me and my mum now fight over papers that we each want to use.
My mum loves to make cards and I love to craft.
Mod Podge is a fantastic medium to use for any crafter.

Leisure Arts have brought you a fantastic book
to help you to understand the best ways to use Mod Podge.
The book also gives you fantastic inspiration to make
lots of beautiful projects.

The book takes you step by step
so that you can make each of the projects or your own projects.

Each of the different projects uses different mediums and methods
so that you know different ways and different mod podges you can use.

I love the fact that the beautiful projects are there for you to make
and also there to use to inspire you with your own projects.

Before receiving this book I had never used Mod Podge.
Now I'm an addict.
You can use it on different items to give them a unique and beautiful look.

Even if you are used to using Mod Podge you will still
find a lot of inspiring ways to use it.

I love this beagle picture and how it works being split up.
I think I need to get a good picture of Benji so we can do the same.

It's also fantastic to make some fantastic items for kids.

I just love the way something so simple can have a brilliant
impact on a project.
It's a fantastic way to recycle items to make them beautiful again.

 No matter what your colour scheme is you can make something
to add to your look in your home.

I used this book to inspire me and teach me how to use Mod Podge.
We decided to decorate a bird box:

We used outdoor Mod Podge to decorate our birdhouse.
And I also used it to decorate a plain box.

I made the box for Little Red and he loves it.
He hides his pirate coins in it :-).

I loved this book and I loved using Mod Podge.
I can't wait to make more projects!!

Available in eBook & Book format from

I received a copy of the eBook to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
and no monies were exchanged.


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