Wednesday 12 March 2014

The Knook Expanded Beginner Set ~ Product Review

The Knook Expanded Beginner Set ~ Product Review

Knook expanded box kit.

I've been looking at The Knook for quite a while
and I've heard lots of differing views.
I decided I would make the decision myself as to what I thought of it.
So I bought myself Knook Expanded Beginner Set.
Yes I purchased this set myself as I wanted to be completley 
objective and make my own decision.

I decided to buy the expanded set as I wanted to see how it worked as a whole.
You can purchase the standard set which doesn't include the sewing needles
and the clips which to be honest most crafting households would have them anyway.
Put you don't get as many hooks and as I will be making lots of different
projects needing different sized hooks so it was better for me to get
the larger set.

Knook Beginner Set

Now onto to the Knooking.
With your set you receive an instructional and pattern book.
The instructions are clear and easy to understand with clear pictures.
The thing I love even more is the fact that if you are still unsure
you don't have to worry!
Leisure Arts has videos so you can follow each stitch.

In your pack you get your hooks, different sized cords, the clips & sewing needles.

Each of the cords are coloured differently as they are different sizes.
Depending on the size of the project depends which size of cord you will want to use.
You get 2 of the red and yellow cords and one of the blue longest cord.
5 cords in two 36" lengths, two 72", and one 120"

The hooks are in sizes: E-3.5 mm, G-4.0 mm, H-5.0 mm, I-5.5 mm, and J-6.0 mm
 So the most used hooks are provided.

Now I have to admit I'm in love with the Knook!
I have had issues learning to knit and never feel confident when I try.
I am going to keep trying but in the meantime I can knook so it doesn't matter!

The whole idea is your hook is the working needle and the string is the holding needle.
You knook the stitches onto the hook and then push them onto the string to work back.
This means making a project is as quick as crocheted but you are knitting.
In the book you will learn how to make the basic knitting stitches:
Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Garter Stitch, Stockinette Stitch.

The pictures are clear and the instructions are easy to understand.
There are instructions for both left and right handed knitters.
Not only that once you've learnt how to make the stitches you
have 3 patterns to practice what you've learnt.

A cowl

A Lap Robe

And baby blanket

I loved the projects that were provided but I was soo excited about knooking
I decided to buy a smaller project pattern:

 As you can see I picked it up straight away.
As a crocheter it just seemed so natural and so easy.
Within the hour of opening the set I was knooking my mittens.
They were so quick to make and I love the fact that I can look
at them and they look like they have been knitted.
The project is a lot easier to carry as the hook is smaller and you
only need the one. 
For me I see the point of knooking and even if I do learn to knit
I'll still carry on knooking.
For me it's quick and easy and it means I have access to all of those patterns
I'd wanted to make but couldn't.
Knooking is a fantastic art and I am going to be making lots more.
Even if you can knit I think it's a fantastic alternative and a fantastic
idea for adults and kids to quickly pick up.
Leisure Arts already has a number of different patterns available
and I'm sure I'll be making more of them.
I give knooking 5 out of 5!

I purchased the product & ePattern myself.
All opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included in the post.
No monies were received in return for this review. 


  1. So, is it basically Tunisian crochet?

    1. No. It isn't tunisian crochet. The stitches are always on the cord or the hook. Think of the cord as the knitting needle that holds the stitches. It is knitting without 2 needles

    2. I'm already proficient at crochet and mostly proficient at knitting, just have to look things up sometimes for knitting. Does the knook make knitting faster? I hesitate to pick up another hobby if it's just going to be a repeat of what I already do.


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