Thursday 13 March 2014

Bijou Basin Ranch Yak Yarn ~ Yarn Review

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Bijou Basin Ranch

I have been lucky enough to be sent some fantastic yarn 

Now I can honestly say I had never thought of making
anything from Yak yarn.
I can say I am now converted.

This yarn is slightly greener in real life but the camera just wouldn't pick up the right colour.
This Himalayan Trail Yarn is
a 75% Yak Down & 25% Super Fine Merino.

The yarn feels very hard wearing and it feels like it would be a yarn
that would last.
It's not rough infact it's quite soft but it just feels like it would
stand up to wear.

The yarn is beautifully even and just looking at it inspires me
to design a cowl.
It has a beautiful quality and the strads are even with an even colouring.
As with most natural yarns it's handwash only but
with something so beautiful I wouldn't want to put it in the wash anyway.
With 200 yards to work with you have a really good amount
to make a project with.

The other yarn Lhasa Wilderness is a 75% Yak Down & 25% Bamboo mix.
This yarn is beautifully soft and luxurious. 

The pictures don't quite pickup how beautiful this red is.
It's soo beautiful you just want to pick it up and stroke the yarn.

This yarn is slightly thinner than the merino mix and you get 180 yards.

It's such a beautiful yarn that it's hard to choose which would be the best project.
Little Red says it's so soft he wants me to make him an Ami.
I don't know about that.
What do you think you would make with something so beautiful?

I am very pleasently surprised by the yarn and although I had
never thought of buying Yak Down yarn before
I will be doing in the future.

The other thing I love about the yarn is buying it from Bijou Basin Ranch 
you are buying from a family business. 
It's a small family owned and operated yak ranch situated on the open plains of the Colorado outback. 
They are located about 65 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado, just outside of the small town of Elbert.

You can find out all about the Ranch and their Yaks at their website

Typically, yak produce two different types of hair. 
The first is the outer "guard hair" which is the longer, coarser, and stronger hair. 
While guard hair grows over the entire animal, the longest 
and strongest guard hair is found on the animals tail and skirt. 
The second hair produced is the short, fine, soft undercoat or "down hair" 
which is produced by the animals during the winter and is an incredible insulator. 
Yak living in cold climates will produce from one to two pounds of down annually. 
The down is shed in the spring and is harvested by combing.

Yarn made from yak down is one of the most luxurious fibers found. 
Warmer than wool and as soft as cashmere, yak yarn makes wonderful garments and accessories. 
It is an extremely durable and lightweight fiber that preserves heat in the winter 
yet breathes for comfort in warmer weather.

Yak yarn is completely odorless, does not shed and maintains warmth, even when wet. 
The yarn is non-allergenic and non-irritating as it contains no animal oils or residue. 
It can be hand washed with a gentle detergent.

You can buy the yarn and fibre in many forms:
100% Yak Down Clouds You can purchase the Fibre so you can spin your own.

I hope you'll check out their site and all their beautiful yarn mixes.
I'll be designing something beautiful to make with this fantastic
yarn so keep an eye out because it will be a free pattern for you.

Bijou Basin Ranch

I received the yarn to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were received in return for this review. 

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  1. Thank you for introducing this yarn. I am excited about this as it is non-allergenic. Big plus for me. I love natural yarns but can not wear or work with wool, even wool blends.
    Cathy the Bagg lady


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