Saturday 8 March 2014

Guest Blogger Week 106 ~ Taking hART

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Jill Griffin

Taking hART
Guest post by Devon Artist Jill Griffin

It is a great pleasure to be asked to write a guest post for CrochetAddict 
because as an artist sharing is such an integral part of what makes me who I am. 

I am Jill- and I'm an artist! A proCRAFTinator of the first degree, 
a sufferer of paintstipation when I can't get in the studio to work 
and creativity is at the very heart of me.

We are all creatives to one degree or other 
and art comes in so many more forms than we all generally appreciate or notice. 
A well tied bouquet of flowers in the florist is created with art 
and is  something I fail miserably at- My flowers are either aux natural in the ground or pot, 
or plonked in a vase haphazardly. 
It is the process of care, thought and creation that makes it a piece of art. 
In the very same way a cook ( and that may be you or I) creates a tasty 
and beautifully presented meal- it is a product of the artistic process. 
It is much the same with verse and prose, well crafted 
and blended words are the palette of the writer, 
creating works of art we can read to paint our own personal pictures with our imaginations.

Art of course is also subject to prejudice and snobbery. 
There are those who wholeheartedly believe that that piece of work can't be art 
as it's creator did not study at St Martins college or so 
and so isn't an artist but a hobbyist because they don't have a fine art degree..well balderdash! Art is the product of a creative process...
in whatever form that might take and those who create works of art are artists. 
The product may not be to everyone's taste and that in its self is the issue, 
not that is is not is at this point subjective and down to the observers opinion.

That is not to say that skills don't have to be learned or developed and practiced,  
even for those with exceptional natural talent. 
How else do we grow in our own creative journey?
Which brings me again to sharing. 
Sharing our work in whatever ways we are bold enough to explore, 
whatever doors we choose to walk through and risks we decide to take, 
is fundamental to who we are as artists. 
Yes sharing is a bit like putting your heart and soul on a platter for inspection 
and opening our very selves for criticism, 
but it's a much richer and more rewarding experience that  perhaps we understand. 
In sharing work we are sharing ourselves 
and we also give others the opportunity to be inspired, 
and in observing and learning from others we too are inspired.  

And that goes for whether you cook a marvellous meal, 
crochet sublimely coloured brooches, embroider pretty things onto table cloths, 
dip dye fabric, needle felt animals, paint pictures 
or simply arrange a few daffs in a vase....
embrace the artist in you, share and above all enjoy your own personal artistic journey. 

You can find Jill at:
Artfinder     Facebook     Twitter

Thank you ever so much Jill I love your paintings
and beautiful views on what it is to be an artist!
I hope you'll join me in thanking Jill and visit her sites
and see more of her fantastic work!


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