Saturday 22 March 2014

Guest Blogger Week 108 ~ Grammy Dirlam

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Becky Dirlam 

Hi Everyone,  
This is pretty exciting for me. When I was asked to write a guest post, I was astounded. 
You see, I have only been sharing things in this sort of setting since January 1, 2014. 
The idea that the things I would write about would appeal to people outside of my tiny circle 
was goofy to me. It still is.  
As I write  this article, I have just shy of 20,000 page views on my own blog. 
That is blowing my mind, and if I am not careful, it will cause my head to swell like a balloon.  
Oh, go away with that needle,  No, no, please don't pop my balloon. 

I am thinking about so many things just now, it is not easy to stay focused on any one topic,
 I do not think I am unique at all.
 I am sure many of you are familiar with the rush and push of working in the crochet industry.  
Putting details on a written pattern, See one of my first here on my blog call out for testers, 
submitting to publications, researching for articles.
I would not describe any phase of what I do as static, or boring.  
When you add to that the true need to connect with the audience, 
discover what they want more of, less of.
 Who are they? Where are they? It can be a bit exhausting.

I have always know, but now shout Loud & Proud, that being an Independent Crochet Designer 
is the furthest thing from being independent.  
The ways I am connected with the world is beyond fathom.  
No one is in this alone. 
There is competition, but for me, it is with myself. 
How am I going to be my best today? 
What will I find to share, Who will I connect with this week.
 I am not alone in this, anyone who is,  must be very lonely.

I retire at the end of each day with thankful prayers, 
as well as the request for the insight to make good steps the next day. 
Oh, One more article to draw your attention to, 
not for the story so much as for the cookie recipe I shared. 
Give them a shot, they are really good

I hope you will have an amazing day, and join me periodically at

Thank you ever so much Becky!
Thanks for sharing and you are unique - you are you!
That's why I wanted you to be a guest blogger.
I love your work and you have so much to share!
I am sure you'll all love Beck and her blog!

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  1. What a wonderful post! I have been following Grammy Dirlam (Becky) for a while now....perhaps even just shortly after she began her blog! she is very humble here. This lady knows her stuff! She is tenacious with her searches and faithfully shares with others so that we may also benefit from her reaping :) Thanks for asking her to guest blog :)


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