Wednesday 9 April 2014

What You Doing Wednesday Week 102

I hope your week is going well!

I'm afraid I don't have any pictures for you today.
Things just haven't gone to plan.

Hubbies dad had a heart attack at the end of last week.
Luckily he was taken to a heart centre 
and received a stint within hours.
He feels a lot better now and is already back at home.
It's amazing what the medical world can do now.
I think it's a big scare that will mean a lot of lifestyle changes.

Hubby is full of a head cold so isn't feeling so good at the moment.
He is looking very grey.
He is prescribing himself some hot toddies to make himself feel better :-)

I've managed to get a sinus and gland infection.
Nothing serious but it's knocked me off my feet.
Within a couple of hours of waking up I'm fast asleep again.
I hope I clear it soon as Little Red is off school next week.

I've re-written this post a number of times
and just can't put down on paper what I think.
I'm so scared constantly about what people perceive that
it's having a huge impact on my life.
I have heard quite a few "opinions" lately and they
have knocked me for six.
I know people see and hear snippets, including on here
and make lots of assumptions.
Just because you see someone for a short time everyday
or just because you read their words doesn't mean
that's what it is really like.
What I put on here is what I choose to type.
You can't tell if it's taken me 2 mins or 2 hours to type.
You can't tell if I wrote this at 6am or at  2am.
You can't tell if I'm in excruciating pain or not.
Just remember what people show or share with you
doesn't have to be reality!
I didn't choose to be crippled at 40 and not be able to lead a normal life.
I do however choose to share with you my crochet, crafts and life.
I choose to be here because you make me happy.
I don't go out and don't see many people anymore.
I don't even really see some family members anymore.
I can't drive and can't use public transport due to my disability.
I do however share on here and each time you comment you make my day.
Being here with you on my journey make my journey a happier one!
Thank you!!!

Anyway enough of that waffle!!

I'm trying to get my Rabbit finished for Friday!!!
I really want to show you it finished!!
The pattern is by Jo's Crocheteria
Easter Bunny of African Flowers - Crochet Pattern

Now it's your turn to share what you are doing.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.
Please add the pin to your post & check out a couple
of other people that are sharing their work 
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  1. Wishing you all the best. I am ok regards virus's at the moment but otherwise you just described my life. Hang in there, prayers and good feelings winging your way. Where there's life there's hope!

  2. Thank you for hosting, Sue, amidst everything you have going on. I'm sending healing thoughts for all of you. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and am glad to connect with you here. Hope to see you at my link-a-long this Friday at the Go Crochet Crazy blog! :)

  3. Hi a Sue, I'm sorry I don't have a project to link up but what a heart felt post that you wrote. I love everything that you share with us and the patterns. I'm so sorry for your situation. I do hope that you and your family feel better. Take care and I am a loyal follower of yours!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  4. When I don't see you online I know something is happening in your life. That's when I up the prayers. Glad to hear your father in law is doing better. How truly frightening it must have all been! Praying health and blessing for all of you :) Hugs, prayers, and much love to my online friend:)


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