Friday 18 April 2014

A Beginner's Guide to Machine Sewing ~ Book Review

A Beginner's Guide to Machine Sewing
by Clementine Collinet
ISBN: 9781844489961
Publisher: Search Press
Publication: 26 March 2014
RRP Price: £12.99

The first thing that strikes me with this book is the fantastic way it is set out.

There are multitudes of pictures so you can see the step-by-step process.
The book is easily laid out so you can learn the techniques and use them
to create beautiful projects.
With 50 lessons and 15 projects it offers fantastic value for money.

The first section takes you through everything you need to know before starting.
Before starting 8 
Your sewing machine 10 
Preparing the bobbins 12 
The ideal sewing box 14 
Commonly used terms 17 
Sewing simple items 20 

All the information is backed up with large easy to see pictures
so at a glance you know what the details are talking about.

From there it's onto the first set of lessons and the project that goes
along with everything you are learning.
I love this format. 
It means at each stage you are practising each technique.
There is no better way to learn than doing.
The first lessons cover:
Prepare your work 24 
Sewing using a straight stitch 25 
Make a corner seam 26 
Finish off a seam: reverse stitch or knot 28 
Oversewing 30 
Cutting 30 
Closing up a seam 31 
Simple cushion 32 

As you can see the pictures are clear at all the stages so you 
can see if you are doing it right.
I hate it when books that are teaching you don't have pictures
to help you along.
This isn't a problem with this book!

There are a varied set of projects so you can learn all the many
skills you will need to machine sew.
The next section covers:
Working from a template 36 
Sewing shapes 37 
Adding a piece of fabric 37 
Sewing several layers of fabric 38 
Covering a button 40 
Sewing a button using your presser foot 41 
Closing up a seam by hand using small, invisible stitches 41 
Soft toy 42 

Each of the projects gives you a varied range of skills
and items to make.
The next sections covers:
Using a zigzag stitch 48 
Sewing bias binding in one single seam 49 
Bunting 50 

I love the variety of the projects and the way in such a short time 
you can be making so much for yourself.
As all the different techniques are spilt it also means
that if you are having issues with any sewing you are
doing to can check the book to see if you can resolve the issue.
The next sections covers:
Embroidering a buttonhole 54 
Topstitching a pocket 56 
Sewing on a flat button 57 
Preparing drawstring casing 58 
Preparing a tape 60 
Sliding a tape or piece of elastic into a drawstring casing 61 
Small drawstring bag 62 

The lessons are clear and easy to understand.
The step-by-step process helps you to learn them
bit by bit and not feel overwhelmed.
The next section covers:
Sewing frills 66 
Following guide marks 67 
Frilly flower brooches 68 

Sew your own clothes 70 
Sewing darts 74 
Sewing facings 75 
Making a fine tape 76 
Hem by machine 77 
Simple, strappy top 78 

Work with raw edges and seam allowances 82 
Make bias binding 83 
Sew bias binding 84 
Sew on press studs 85 
Skirt 86 

Sewing a shoulder 90 
Inserting a sleeve 91 
Making a reversible garment 92 
Baby’s reversible kimono 96 

Sew accessories 98 
Add rickrack braid 102 
Attach heading tape 103 
Make a flat hem 104 
White curtains 106 

Stiffening fabric 110 
Sewing an appliqué 111 
Inserting a zip fastener 112 
Cushion with star appliqué 114 

Quilting 118 
Quilted throw 122 

Preparing and sewing simple patchwork 126 
A patchwork throw 130 

Prepare and sew piping 134 
Attaching piping to a cushion 136 
Cushion with piping 138

Sew a bag 140 
Making a reversible bag 144 
Preparing and attaching straps 145 
Adding a braid 147 
Shoulder bag 148 

Embellishing with decorative stitches 152 
Removing excess fabric 153 
Denim bag 154

Not only do you get all the lessons & projects in the book
you also get 3 full sized patterns.
They come in a handy slot in the back of the book
so you don't loose them.

This is a fantastic book and I have learnt so much from it already.
If you want to learn to use a sewing machine then it's ideal.
If you don't have all the sewing skills you want then this
book is very handy.
There is so much covered and presented in an easy to understand fashion.

I received a copy of the book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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