Monday 14 April 2014

DMC Natura Just Cotton Thread ~ Product & Pattern Review

DMC Natura
Just Cotton
100% Cotton

I have been lucky enough to be sent some beautiful DMC Natura
yarn to review.
I have to say I'm in love with it already.
The yarn feels so beautiful and warm yet cool.
I love cotton for making things for spring and summer.
DMC's Natura are perfect as they have 60 different colours in their range.
With such a wide choice you are bound to find the ideal colour for your project.
The colours are soft yet vibrant.

The yarn is ideal for crocheting, knitting, knooking and looming patterns.
It's such a versatile yarn and offers so much possibility.
With it being 100% cotton you don't have to worry about allergies to wool.
It's a fantastic yarn to make baby items out of.
It's structure is good enough to keep shapes in the fabric.

I loved working with this yarn!
It was a pleasure to use.

The thing that I love about DMC is they count crocheters along side knitters.
We aren't treated as send class citizens.
They look after us just as much.
They have some beautiful designs to use their yarns with!
Not only that but the patterns cover many different projects
so not only will you find patterns for babies but you'll
also find them for adults, ami's, soft furnishings and much much more.

The pattern books are beautiful to hold, easy to understand and give clear
instructions that you will find easy to follow.
They feel like they are made of a good quality paper that has been coated
so they will last for years to come.

With stockists all round the world it's something that is available
to everyone.

This beautiful tunic top shows the capabilities of the yarn perfectly.
If soft and cool but gives you an extra beautiful look to your outfit.
You can choose any colour to give you that extra special something.
It's perfect for both evening and day.

These decorative cubes are fun and interesting.
You can make them in the colours that will suit your décor 
or a clashing colours to make a statement.
The patterns are in written instructions and are really easy to follow.
You get the patterns for the letters:
L, O, V, E, H & M.
I think when I make these they will be played with by
Little Red more than they will be on the fireplace mantle.

This beautiful Baby Girl's Daisy Dress
is perfect for any little one.
It's bright and beautiful, ideal for spring or summer.
With the 100% cotton it will also last.
Each part of the pattern is broken down
and written so that it's easy to follow.

Isn't this just the cutest Baby Boy's Motif Jumper.
It's not often you get such a cute crochet pattern for a boy.
With sizes from 0-18 mnths you are bound to making
a few for all the babies in your family.
To be honest I'd make it for a girl as well.
I'm sure it would look very cute in cream with pink edging.
Who doesn't love a teddy bear.

Last but not least is the Birds Nest.
Isn't this just ideal for this time of year.
They would make brilliant gifts for children for Easter.
They are beautifully easy and quick to make!
I choose this pattern as the first pattern I wanted to make.
Little Red was sooo excited!
The pattern is clear and easy to understand.
The add on's to make each bird unique are so much fun.

I decided to put googly eyes on mine as Little Red loves them.
Isn't it just so cute!
Little Red has it on his shelf next to his bed.
As I was only making one for Little Red I made the nest but slightly smaller.
I just crocheted less increase rows.

I love it! I may even make some as bowls just to keep things in around the house.
The effect of the stitches is just perfect for a nest.

I love him! 
I think I might make another one for my niece :-)

With such a fantastic range you are bound to find something you like
from DMC

I received both the yarn and the patterns to review
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.


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