Wednesday 30 April 2014

Making Pipe Cleaner Pets ~ Book Review

Making Pipe Cleaner Pets
Making Pipe Cleaner Pets
ISBN: 978-1-57421-510-6
Publisher: Design Originals
Publication Date: 7 April 2014
RRP: £9.99

Who knew pipe cleaners could be made into something so cute
and looks so good!

This book gives you everything you need to know to make 23 different
breeds of dog.
The first part of the book shows each of the designs in different
settings to show off each breed of dog.

Don't they look fantastic!
With a few supplies you can make these fantastic pets.

You get the full instructions for the following breeds:
Toy Poodle
Boston Terrier
Italian Greyhound
Miniature Bull Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer
Cavalier King Charles
Miniature Dachshund
French Bulldog
Shih Tzu
Wire Fox Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier
Italian Greyhound
Labrador Retriever
Old English Sheepdog
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Miniature Pinscher

I love the way each dog seems to have it's own personality and I love
the way you can move pipe cleaners.
I am sure lots of children would love some of these!

I just can't believe how all the details of each of the breeds are brought together
just using pipe cleaners!
With the use of the nose and the bead eyes it just finishes each dog off.

Don't each of the designs just make you want to smile :-)

 Once you finished checking out the 1st half of the book you then
get the how too's of making each of the breeds.

With each design you get all the diagrams and instructions you need
to make them.
The first few designs also include coloured pictures to help you understand
each of the techniques.
As you can see the instructions are clear and easy to understand.
They are also clearly labelled so you know which order you need to follow.

I also love the ideas in the book for how to use the dogs you make.
Overall this is a fun and interesting book and you'll be sure
to have lots of friends and family who want you to
make a little dog for them :-).

I received a copy of the book to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were received in return for this review. 

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