Thursday 17 April 2014

Baby Beanies Made with the Knook ~ Book Review

Front Cover
Baby Beanies Made with the Knook
available in eBook & Book format from

Yet again Leisure Arts bring you another fantastic book
of patterns for you to Knook.


If you are struggling to learn to knit in the round then the knook
would be ideal!
If you crochet and want to knit without having to use knitting needles
then the knook is ideal!
If you want the ease of hook but being able to knit stitches
then the knook is ideal!


The idea of the knook is you add your stitches to your hook
(a bit like tunisian crochet)
but then you push them onto the cord that is attached to the hook.
In doing this you don't drop stitches and you only use a hook
to make the stitches.
The cord is a bit like your spare needle that you knit the stitches from.

Double Diamonds

The brilliant think about using the knook and the cord 
is if you mark the start of your round it is really easy
to go around and around.
You don't drop stitches and it's so much easier with a flexible cord.


As you can see from the pictures of these 7 designs from Dorothy E. Uhlir
use the knitting stitches you really show off your work.
The designs are fun and interesting and perfectly show
off the knit stitches.

Lace Diamonds

If you are a crocheter that never thought they would be able to achieve
knitting garments then this is your chance.
I love the fact that all those designs and stitches that were out of my reach
are now firmly there and I can do them using a hook!!!


The designs are fun, interesting and would make brilliant gifts.
Wouldn't you just love for your baby to be snuggled up in one of these
beautiful hats?


I think my niece is going to be wearing a lot of these :-)
I would highly recommend the book.
It's easy to follow, easy to understand.
There are full clear instructions and step-by-step guides
to learning the stitches.
If you are still having problems understanding the stitches
Leisure Arts has also provided tutorial videos
that you can watch online to make things easier for you.
I love Dorothy's designs and can't wait to make quite a few of these beautiful hats!!!

Baby Beanies Made with the Knook
available in eBook & Book format from

I was received a copy of the eBook to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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