Wednesday 2 April 2014

Help your hands whilst you Crochet

This blog entry is my submission to the Deramores Blog Awards 2014
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As a Crocheter I suffer from pain in my hands and wrist.
As a CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) suffer this can be severe pain.
Due to this I've found a number of things that can help
and I want to share them with you.

There are lots of different hooks available on the market. 
I have found that having different sizes and shapes helps with the repetitive movement of the hands. 
As my hooks are different sizes my hands aren't in the same position for each project.

I started my crocheting journey with a set of aluminium hooks.
I found these cold to the touch and they caused my hands to ache.
However they are easy to use and a good staple hook.
Pony Crochet Hook Set (Aluminium) - 15cm - Set of 6
Addi Bamboo Crochet Hook - 15cm
I then invested in a set of bamboo crochet hooks.
Theses are a lot better as they don't get cold like steel.
They are cheap and easy to access
but if you have trouble holding something so thin
then other hooks might be a better option.
Another option is to add polymer clay to your hook.
You can shape and style it to your grip so can be a lot comfier.
This is a fantastic method but they can be quite heavy.
There are new lighter materials that may be better.
I use my polymer clay hook whenever my pain is at the greatest.
The comfort of the shape helps to reduce the amount of pain I suffer.
Another option is soft grip hooks.
These have a number of features that are advantageous.
They aren't cold, the handles are an even size
so no matter which size hook the size of the handle is the same.
They are soft and comfy to the touch.
These are especially good for arthritis sufferers.
Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook (Aluminium)
Another good option is the ergonomic hook.
These are more expensive than any of the hooks above
but they do have a lot of benefits.
Your hand is shaped to aggravate the nerves less.
They are soft to touch and a good size.
The way they are shaped they put less pressure on your hands.
Addi Swing Crochet Hook - 16cm

I personally use all of the above hooks.
I prefer to change my hook for each project
so that it causes less repetitive pain.

Whilst you are crocheting you are putting a lot of pressure
on your hands, wrists, arms & shoulders.
One way of elevating this is to rest your arms on pillows (cushions).
Place a pillow under each arm so your elbow is resting on the pillow.
The weight transfers to the pillow rather than you taking the weight of your arm.

Take Breaks:
Remember that taking regular breaks can help.
If you are sat in one position crocheting and not moving
you are putting pressure on certain points.
Take a break.
Moving position of your limbs can have a big impact.

Certain exercises can help to relieve the pain
and support your hands and wrists to reduce
the likelihood of any pain.
Take a break from crocheting and try the following:
Close your hand into a fist.
Move your hand up and down.
Rotate your hands around and around.
 Open your fingers and close them.
Do this again whilst pressing your hands on a flat surface.

Put pressure on your wrists and hands by pressing down on a flat surface.
Do this with your hands open and closed.
Also try this with pressing the back of your hand down.

Rotate your shoulders & arms.
I also rotate my neck at the same time.

Support Aids:
I also use support aids for my hands, wrist and thumb.
Different types of support can offer
different types of help.
This type of support moves your thumb to a different position.
This is especially good if you have pain running from your thumb up your wrist.
I also have a full hand and wrist support.
this gives added support and keeps your hand, thumb and wrist
in a different position which helps to open up
the nerves and reduce the pain.

I hope some of this helps.
The best way to enjoy crocheting or knitting
is to do it pain free.

I am not medically trained and all opinions expressed are my own.
If you are suffering from regular pain please seek medical advice.
This post has been written as an entry to the Deramores Blog Awards.
However all opinions expressed are my own and are methods that I use.
No monies have been received for this post. 


  1. Very helpful and interesting. Thanks for doing all this research!

  2. I bought a "device" that you can pop your aluminum hooks into that is much more ergonomic. Since starting, I have had no pain in my hands and seriously reduced pain in my shoulders. I bought it at a craft store for like $10 and it fits every hook from 4.00mm and I've put up to 6.5mm into it. I think it could likely take up to 8mm but I've never tried. I HIGHLY recommend!

  3. Because I use bamboo handled hooks, my 'crochet hand' isn't the one I have problems with. My problem comes in my 'guide hand', especially when I'm working with thread, with my pinkie and ring finger locking down and the knuckle joints below them getting inflamed and painful. I find that taking a break and massaging in Volturol Emulgel or anything similar that soaks into the skin directly to be a tremendous help.

  4. Thank you for these great tips!!

  5. Thank you for these great tips!!

  6. This is great information! Thank you so much for posting! I hope you don't mind that I posted it on my crochet Facebook page. If it is a problem, just let me know, I'll take it down!
    Thank you again!
    Christine B.

  7. Thank you so much - all these helpful ideas in one place! Hope you win the blog award, you deserve it!


  8. Thank you everyone! Your support means the world to me!

  9. Hi just wondering where you bought the 2nd hand support with added wrist support please?


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