Sunday 6 April 2014

Weekend Box - Product Review

Weekend box

You may ask what the weekend box is.
This is a box that is sent to you for children between the ages of 3 -8 years old.
It's a box full of fun activities to keep your child entertained.


Each box contains something to make, explore, cook & green.
EAT (a healthy recipe with accompanying secret ingredient), 
MAKE (a craft kit with all the materials required), 
GREEN (some seasonal seeds to plant or something to make with recycling/rubbish material)  
 EXPLORE (sensory exploration games, for example) 

Your box comes addressed to your child.
This excited Little Red no end as it was post for HIM!
You can choose whether to get your boxes every 2 weeks or once a month.


When they open the box it's even more exciting!
There are 4 little coloured envelopes with coloured sheets to match.
Each of the envelopes holds the items you'll need to complete each project
(you may need to provide a few items yourself, this are readily available
and are quite often household items you will have anyway).
For each project there is a sticker that the child can stick on once they have completed the task.


Each pack has it's own theme. 
We received the St. Patrick's day theme.
You were instructed to use a paper cup for the pot of gold
but we had fun with a crocheted basket.
Little Red Followed the instructions and made his rainbow.
Once made the card gave you instructions of throwing your gold into the pot.
It was good fun to make and good fun to play.
Little Red has his gold hidden in his secret treasure box now :-).


 The next pack contained everything you needed to make rocking birds.
Even the glue stick was provided.
With feathers, card, googly eyes & glue we followed the instructions and made our rocking birds.
Little Red had a lot fun with this one! 




This set of items were all about sound.
There were sounds of animals to match.
Feeling your voice box when you made a noise
& making a reed noise maker with straws and balloons.
You even get to watch a youtube video showing you how to 
make your noise maker.

Then on top of that you get a healthy recipe.
The brilliant thing about the recipe is you even
receive a bag of secret spices that you don't know what
they are till you eat them :-)

We liked them so much we signed up to receive more boxes.
They are good fun and have lots of interesting things to see and do.
If your kids are aged 3-8 then they are worth signing up for.
If your looking to keep your children entertained, having fun and learning lots
of new things with you then these boxes are ideal.
Everything is delivered to your door.
So get your child's imagination going!!

Use the Promo Code: SUSAN63
to get your first box for free at 

I received a weekend box to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were received in return for this review. 


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