Wednesday 16 October 2013

What You Doing Wednesday Week 80

I hope everyone's week is going well!

I'm having a few issues with my CFS.
The whole of my left arm is in excruciating pain.
The doctor has visited and upped my meds
so fingers crossed I should be back to normal soon!
On a positive side I am the proudest mum ever!!!!
Little Red has been going to swimming lessons for years
but never progressed.
When he was diagnosed as being dyslexic
it clicked as to why he was having so many problems.
The classes he was going to were held
in a noisy local swimming pool.
The teacher taught from the side of the pool
and gave lots of instructions.
He couldn't take all the information in so started messing about.
So once we realised I knew we had to change the way we were
going about things.
Whilst we were on holiday hubby took him in the pool
and did some work with him.

As you can see his confidence grew.
So when we got back I started looking for private lessons.
I was thinking of having one to one classes
but then I found IATD Fitness and it's working out brilliantly.
Little Red is in a class of 4 children.
All the teachers teach the children in the water!
They can show Little Red just what to do without him getting confused.
Anyway he has been going for 4 weeks.
In the first lesson they took him down from 2 floats
to one.
Then at the end of every lesson they take his floats off
and see how he is doing and if he can swim without them.
He has the confidence to try as they are there with him.
Then this last week (the one week I couldn't go)
they took them off and tried him with a woggle float.
Then they tried him without that and hey presto
he swam half a length!!!!!
I'm such a proud mum!!!!
If you have a dyslexic child don't just think about there school work.
Also think about the other things they struggle with in life.
Little Red couldn't follow all the instructions he was given.
Show him and it clicks!!!!

Now we've got a few makes this week with Little Red
 Little Red is learning about Egypt at school
so we decided to get him some sets to help him
understand what he is learning.
He has to excavate the things out of the blocks.
 We've been making soaps. 
As we are making homemade hampers for all of the family
we decided to make beautiful homemade soaps.
 With my asthma I can't use parfum products
so there are made from all natural materials
including lavender essential oil and dried lavender.

 we are using the bee beautiful set 
other sets are available from amazon.

Here are my makes for this week:
 I'm making good progress on my Tiramisu baby blanket.
I did have to frog quite a bit as I'd made a mistake and it shouted out at you.
But I've caught back up and got further.
This is hopefully what it should look like finished:

This is a very exciting project!
It the Cobblestone Beanie pattern from Leisure Arts.
This is the fist time I've made a hat using tunisian crochet.
Here is what it should hopefully look like once it's finished:

 As you may have guessed this is going to be a Christmas Stocking.
This is hopefully what it is going to look like when finished:
The brilliant this about this pattern is you don't just get the pattern for the one stocking.
You also get patterns for a snowman & an elf stocking.
It's the first stocking I've ever made so I'm really excited to make one.
Last but not least I'm making another snowflake.
I know it looks rough at the moment but once you've worked your way
round it comes together.
It's another snowflake from the 99 Snowflakes Crochet Pattern Book
You can buy it in book format or eBook and download it straight away

Leisure Arts have been kind enough to supply me with
some eBooks to review.
All opinions I express are my own and no
monies have been exchanged.
I will have a full review in the future for each of the books.

I have finished some other makes so I will show you them
on Friday.

I am still reading The Help
I've nearly finished so I'll hopefully have the review for you on Friday.
It is a must read, I'm laughing, crying and sighing. 

Now it's your turn to share what you are doing.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.
Please add the pin to your post & check out a couple
of other people that are sharing their work 
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  1. Gorgeous projects, the baby blanket looks amazing.

  2. Wow, you are busy! I really like the look of that Christmas stocking pattern, and the baby blanket is gorgeous.


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